Week in Review: Asia (February 9)

This week, the Russians began storming the Ukrainian city of Avdiivka with intensified force from all directions. Although Avdiivka has no strategic value and has already cost 13,000 Russian casualties, capturing it would be the first significant change along the front line in many months, and a victory that Russian President Vladimir Putin and his propagandists could highlight just ahead of next month’s elections.

Also this week, a new report reveals that the Chinese Communist Party executes more people than all other governments on Earth combined. The regime executes at least 8,000 people per year. All other nations, combined, execute fewer than 900. Many of those executed by the Chinese Communist Party are guilty only of political opposition. Government operatives are known to torture prisoners in order to extract confessions, defendants receive little time to try to disprove charges, and courts are infamous for handing down a conviction in 99.9 percent of cases. Once a person is pronounced guilty, he is usually executed within 72 hours.

Perhaps the most important story this week is that Russia and China are each making major gains in satellite-killing technology. That is according to a new report that was produced by the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Space Force. And this is a direct threat to the United States, which possesses and heavily relies on more than 4,700 satellites—more than twice the number of all other nations combined.

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