Report: Iran Green-lights Large-scale Hezbollah Attack on Israel

Iran gave the go-ahead for its terrorist proxy Hezbollah to greatly expand its attacks on Israel, the Arabic Post reported on February 28 based on high-level Lebanese and Iranian sources.

Iranian officials told the leadership of Lebanon-based Hezbollah to launch a massive attack on Israel if and when it became “certain of Israel’s intention” to carry out an invasion of Rafah in southern Gaza, the report stated.

  • This was based on fears that after invading Rafah, southern Lebanon “will be next” for the Israel Defense Forces.
  • The report came after a meeting on Monday between Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Quds Force Cmdr. Esmail Qaani and Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah.

“Nasrallah said that he is completely certain of [Israel’s] intention to launch a large-scale attack on Lebanon, and he asked Qaani to give him complete freedom in how he intends to attack,” the Arabic Post quoted an unnamed Iranian diplomat as saying.

Israel-Hezbollah war? In early February, Israel and Lebanon hashed out an informal peace agreement, but tensions have soared in the weeks since. As we wrote at the time:

Hezbollah still rules Lebanon and is still committed to Israel’s destruction. The core causes of the tensions are still there. And with Israel having a new determination to take the battle to the Islamists, war in Lebanon remains a real possibility.

Whether war will erupt between Hezbollah and Israel remains unclear. But Bible prophecy shows that Iran’s hold on Lebanon will not last much longer. An Israeli invasion of Lebanon, perhaps supported by the German military, could advance this prophetic outcome.

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