Putin’s Ruthless ‘Double Tap’ Strikes Kill Civilians and First Responders

Russia is increasingly using a ruthless tactic called the “double tap” in its war on Ukraine, national security correspondent J. J. Green reported on April 17.

A double tap strike begins with a perpetrator firing a missile or volley of missiles at a civilian target, such as an apartment complex, shopping center or school—any place that’s sure to have civilians inside. The attacker then waits 30 to 90 minutes, giving time for paramedics, firemen, policemen and even emergency repairmen to arrive at the targeted area. The perpetrator then strikes the same spot with another missile or volley of missiles, which kills the first responders and skilled repairmen.

This is very simply a tactic that’s taken from terror groups. It’s a very simple tactic, but it’s a very heinous. It’s a very cynical and it’s a very ugly tactic.
—J.J. Green

Russia carried out the latest of these attacks on April 17, on an eight-floor apartment building in Chernihiv, Ukraine. Seventeen civilians were killed and more than 60 others, including three children, were wounded.

In our May-June 2023 issue, Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote:

The Russia-Ukraine War is giving the world a vivid picture of the scale of evil Putin is willing to commit. …

Putin is an evil, ruthless, vindictive agent with Soviet-style methods of psychological warfare, assassination and war. He has disgusting and devastating policies that are sick to the core and even satanic!

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