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Stephen Flurry

Open-border policies are pushing working-class Democrats toward the Republican Party.

American society has been fundamentally transformed, largely by men at the top—who are sexual degenerates.

Millions of Americans want Donald Trump back in the White House. Some leftist elites are willing to burn down the system to stop them.

Rather than effectively resisting immigration chaos, ineffectively resisting immigration chaos or doing nothing, the Biden regime is asserting its right to cause immigration chaos.

More evidence of fbi involvement on Jan. 6, 2021, and not just at the Capitol

New evidence emerges that the only standard of justice in America is the double standard.

Sexual predators within America’s power elite are fundamentally transforming society.

A deep hatred of Western civilization is animating a new brand of anti-Semitism.

A nation founded as an experiment in human liberty is now a corrupt oligarchy ruled by criminals.

Democrats are waking up to the fact that the tsunami of illegal aliens pouring into America is a problem.

The United States is suffering from Third World-style lawfare.

The court’s decision to take a January 6 defendant’s case is already a win for President Donald Trump.

Truth and wisdom are within reach.

America’s expressions of support are mere words. Look at its actions.

America is guided by a master flatterer, pretender, deceiver who is out to destroy Israel while feigning friendship.

The Biden administration is doing such a bad job balancing America’s budget, educating America’s children, and securing America’s borders that reasonable people are starting to suspect deliberate malfeasance.

Some are brave enough to tell the truth about the January 6 ‘fed-surrection.’

Ad hoc condemnations of Donald Trump aside, it’s an open secret that American socialists love authoritarianism.

Islamists, socialists, deviants, students, celebrities and revolutionaries of all stripes share one thing in common: not something they love but something they hate.

Why did it take so long for Israel to strike back at the Hamas murderers? Part of the reason lies with Joe Biden and Barack Obama.

Biden preserves the stratagem of the ‘two-state solution’ even as the second would-be state has beheaded babies.

Now more than ever, this should be no vain repetition.

Joe Biden now admits it: ‘Replacement theory’ is actual Democrat strategy.

The Trumpet Daily interviews Caroline Glick.

These murderers have ample outside support.

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