Executive Editor

Stephen Flurry

America’s expressions of support are mere words. Look at its actions.

America is guided by a master flatterer, pretender, deceiver who is out to destroy Israel while feigning friendship.

The Biden administration is doing such a bad job balancing America’s budget, educating America’s children, and securing America’s borders that reasonable people are starting to suspect deliberate malfeasance.

Some are brave enough to tell the truth about the January 6 ‘fed-surrection.’

Ad hoc condemnations of Donald Trump aside, it’s an open secret that American socialists love authoritarianism.

Islamists, socialists, deviants, students, celebrities and revolutionaries of all stripes share one thing in common: not something they love but something they hate.

Why did it take so long for Israel to strike back at the Hamas murderers? Part of the reason lies with Joe Biden and Barack Obama.

Biden preserves the stratagem of the ‘two-state solution’ even as the second would-be state has beheaded babies.

Now more than ever, this should be no vain repetition.

Joe Biden now admits it: ‘Replacement theory’ is actual Democrat strategy.

The Trumpet Daily interviews Caroline Glick.

These murderers have ample outside support.

Analysts are waking up to a sobering reality the Trumpet has warned about for decades.

The worst attack on Israel in decades is at the blood-soaked hands of Hamas murderers and rapists, but they couldn’t do it without the mullahs in Iran.

My interview with Gen. Michael Flynn, former national security advisor to former and future President Donald Trump

The nation-destroying problems afflicting America are not the mistakes of a senile president. They are the successes of a malevolent shadow president.

America is controlled by a vengeful narcissist.

Every attempt to stop Donald Trump pushes America closer to open conflict.

To cover up a stolen election, the ‘deep state’ baited Trump supporters into a trap.

From prostitution and drug use to bribery, the cover-up is even bigger than the crimes.

God is exposing corrupt leaders so the American people have an opportunity to repent before worse curses come.

New drug discoveries expose the spiritual sickness consuming America.

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