Resurrecting the Trump-Russia Hoax

Former US President Donald Trump makes a speech as he attends the 2024 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland, United States on February 24, 2024
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Resurrecting the Trump-Russia Hoax

What are Democrats trying to protect: the truth or the Biden crime family?

Donald Trump continues marching toward the Republican Party nomination and the presidency, winning primary after primary. Many leftists realize he is too popular to defeat in the primary or in the 2024 election, so they have attempted to bar him from eligibility for office in Colorado and Maine. Those attempts have blown up in their faces, so the regime of Joe Biden (and Barack Obama) is getting desperate. How desperate?

Here comes “Trump-Russia” again!

Just in time for another election cycle, Democrats are back to rolling out the debunked claim that Donald Trump is working for Russia.

In June 2020, an informant named Alexander Smirnov told the Federal Bureau of Investigation that Hunter Biden and Joe Biden had each been bribed with $5 million by an executive associated with Ukraine’s now-infamous energy company Burisma. So the Bidens are going after Smirnov. On February 15, Special Counsel David Weiss accused Smirnov of spreading false reports about the Bidens. On February 22, Smirnov was arrested pending trial in a Los Angeles court.

Leftist politicians and pundits are accusing Smirnov of being a Russian agent and also demanding the end of impeachment proceedings against Biden.

“The impeachment investigation essentially ended yesterday, in substance if not in form,” Rep. Jamie Raskin said on February 20, “with the explosive revelation that Mr. Smirnov’s allegations about Ukrainian Burisma payments to Joe Biden were concocted along with Russian intelligence agents. It appears like the whole thing is not only, obviously, false and fraudulent, but a product of Russian disinformation and propaganda.”

The Daily Beast published this headline: “A Vote for Trump Is a Vote for Putin.”

Yes this is 2024, and yes, you are reading this right.

The Democrats want you to believe the obviously false and fraudulent story that Donald Trump behaved like Hunter Biden in a Russian hotel room, that “the Russians” have proof, and that Mr. Trump does what Vladimir Putin wants him to do. This, despite the fact that we know this entire story was a product of former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele and propaganda partially invented by the Clinton campaign, the Obama administration and the fbi. Now they want you to believe the false and fraudulent story that the Bidens aren’t corrupt national security sellouts.

Republicans in the House of Representatives are currently investigating the Biden family for its financial ties to Russian, Chinese and Ukrainian businesses. But colluding on the narrative with people like Raskin, the regime media is claiming almost in unison that the Bidens retain their integrity and to believe otherwise is to believe “the Russians” and pro-Russia Republicans like Donald Trump.

Another peculiar thing about this case is that Smirnov is not just some disgruntled Russian hack who has recently come forward. He has been a useful source for several successful fbi prosecutions over the last decade. But now that Smirnov has let out information about Biden, the fbi is turning its back, and Smirnov is under arrest.

National Review judicial analyst Andrew McCarthy wrote on February 23 that the indictment against Smirnov “is one of the more peculiar charging documents I’ve ever seen …. I don’t recall ever seeing a false-statements case such as this: Government investigators summoned an informant with a long history of fruitful cooperation to a meeting at which the investigators expected to elicit false statements from the informant, yet did not confront him with their belief that he was lying, nor give him an informed opportunity to explain the discrepancies between what he had said and what they believed to be true.”

That is some good analysis. The fbi receives conflicting reports all the time, so it usually makes a point to sit down with its informants and talk things out. Steele was never punished for any of the false statements he made about Trump. But don’t expect Smirnov to receive the preferential Steele treatment. He said Joe Biden was taking bribes; therefore, he needs to be made an example. His prosecution is designed to make it look like he lied to the American people: After all, Biden is campaigning for reelection. In other words, this is a publicity stunt.

McCarthy further noted that the fbi usually fights to keep disclosures about espionage classified, so it only makes sense for Weiss to make such information public if his “main job all along has been to protect President Biden.” The timing of Smirnov’s arrest makes perfect sense if Weiss is trying to scuttle Biden’s impeachment.

And as if all this were not suspicious enough, cbs News executives also fired investigative journalist Catherine Herridge. In a chilling move, they also seized her files, computers and records, including information on privileged sources. Herridge was pursuing stories that were unwelcomed by the Biden White House, including the Hur report on Joe Biden’s diminished mental capacity, the Biden corruption scandal and the Hunter Biden laptop. So it obviously was not enough just to fire her. The regime media needed to seize her research so she could not expose the Bidens on her own.

One cbs employee who spoke with George Washington University Law School professor Johnathan Turley noted that he had never seen a seizure of records from a departing journalist. Like the fbi, the regime media is making its move, trashing their integrity and trust to openly protect Biden and drag Democrats across the victory line in the race for 2024.

What are leaders of the fbi and executives at cbs trying to protect and advance? Is it the truth, or is it the Biden crime family?

“And judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter. Yea, truth faileth; and he that departeth from evil maketh himself a prey: and the Lord saw it, and it displeased him that there was no judgment” (Isaiah 59:14-15).

Everything is upside down. Hunter Biden spent five years working for a corrupt Ukrainian energy company founded by a pro-Putin oligarch, yet anyone who questions his ethic is slurred as a pro-Russian stooge. It is as if the radical left is desperately trying to frame Trump for crimes the Bidens have actually committed. The political war for control of the American government is now out in the open, and it’s a fearsome spectacle.

If people are to have one last chance to repent of the sins that led this nation into such dire straits, God will have to perform a mighty miracle to temporarily cleanse our government of such vile corruption!

For an explanation of one sobering prophecy that will help you understand the crisis in this country, read my father’s article “America Has No Helper” in the April 2021 issue of the Philadelphia Trumpet.