General Flynn Interview: Dark Forces Are Assaulting America

General Flynn Interview: Dark Forces Are Assaulting America

Chapter 6 of America Under Attack never more relevant than in 2024

Flynn: Deliver the Truth Whatever the Cost premieres in theaters this month, including at Armstrong Auditorium, here on the campus of the Trumpet offices in Edmond, Oklahoma. Gen. Michael Flynn will return to the auditorium on April 14 for the showing and to meet and take questions from moviegoers. I talked with him about the new documentary on the March 28 episode of the Trumpet Daily.

General Flynn was at the center of President Donald Trump’s attempt to expose Barack Obama and the “deep state.” He, therefore, became the central target of Obama and the deep state, as my father, Philadelphia Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry, focuses on in Chapter 6 of America Under Attack. (Watch our previous two Trumpet Daily live interviews with General Flynn here and here.)

Flynn: Deliver the Truth Whatever the Cost brings audiences interviews with the general, with the former House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence chairman Devin Nunes, with legal experts and with top journalists like Tucker Carlson and Lee Smith. (See the Lee Smith Trumpet Daily interview here.) It delves into his life and trials, firsthand experiences with intrigue and persecution, and some of what he knows about the corruption and radicalism deep within the United States government that he is fighting to expose and eradicate.

During our latest interview by videoconference, General Flynn opened by recalling his “wonderful visit” back in August with our staff and particularly our students “attending that great college and elementary school.” Then we focused on the movie and why it’s important.

General Flynn: “Everything is changing so much in our country. I felt compelled [to tell] this particular story: the rise of my time in the military and not only in the military, but in U.S. politics (working directly for the president of the United States as the national security advisor), and the injustice that I faced and the persecution that my family and I went through, all based on a lie. The story itself is really a compelling, raw story of the kinds of things that our country is going through—that a family went through, in this case, my family.

“Now, there’s some very, touching, sensitive, emotional moments in this. And I think people will walk away with an impression like, ‘Wow! I did not know that about General Flynn, or I did not know that about this case, or I did not know that about our country.’

“[I]t’s a really fascinating story. It tells a tale, not just of the persecution of Gen. Mike Flynn, but really what is going on in America today and how it is impacting the lives of everyday American citizens. …

“I am going around the country to do an in-person live premiere experience: Right now, we have about 35 cities around the country. And we wanted to get to you guys among the first group because you really helped me to understand, when I was out there, people that I had impacted. When I met those young people, out in the Herbert W. Armstrong campus there, I just felt so enlightened. I just felt like God gave me new energy. At the time we were already in the throes of producing this thing. And I knew that the moment had come when [this message] needed to get out to a larger audience.”

We went on to talk about the strain that a radicalized and extremely powerful government can place on a man.

General Flynn: “I’ve learned a little bit about my own personal threshold to withstand mental and emotional anguish. It’s not for everybody to be able to stand against that kind of really ungodly pressure that comes out of the dark soul of our federal government and this ‘injustice system’ that we see currently. We are going to have to figure out ways to overcome this and, and to rise above it and then to fix it by using the ways that our founders gave us, right, which is really the constitutional processes that we have.”

When General Flynn was on campus with us in August, he said he feared that the radicals would again subvert the Constitution by going so far as to sabotage the 2024 election, much like they did in 2020, in order to try to stop President Trump.

General Flynn: “I will tell you one thing about Donald J. Trump: He’ll never quit. And so the more that they victimize him—and he is truly being victimized by the deep state and many others that are external forces outside of the country—he will never relent. He will never give up. And he believes so deeply in this country and he loves this country. So the more they victimize him, the more Americans will rally to his side. …

“It should be very hard to surprise the American people, because there’s so many ways that we can be informed these days. Obviously, you’ve got to use good discernment and good judgment about what kind of information you are getting. … We Americans now are being informed in so many ways, and this is, this particular Trumpet Daily is a really powerful example of good, honest, authentic, truthful information. And these are the kinds of platforms that we are going to need. We’re going to need these things as we go into the November election.

“There is going to be all kinds of nefarious activities, I believe. There’s going to be things that they’re going to try. There will be deception. There will be distraction. There will be fake news: All those kinds of things to cause people to believe something that is not true. Warfare is like that. And I do address that in the film. And I talk about warfare being all about deception. And I talk a little bit about Sun Tzu, right, one of the very famous historic military theoreticians. And I talk about warfare in the film itself. We are in a form of warfare right now in our country, and it’s information war. It’s a spiritual war. … Like I say, it’s light versus dark, it’s truth versus lies, it’s good versus evil. … The attack against Christianity in this country is just, to me, it’s outrageous. It’s so anathema to what this country was built upon.”

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