The Biden-Obama Power Struggle Isn’t Real

A portrait of former U.S. President Barack Obama is seen behind Joe Biden.

The Biden-Obama Power Struggle Isn’t Real

The ‘current White House occupant’ does not lead America and isn’t even in contention.

What is Barack Obama up to now? On March 18, he walked straight in the front door of No. 10 Downing Street, the residence and office of the prime minister of Britain, for a meeting with Rishi Sunak. Also visiting the leader of the opposition party, Obama portrayed it as a “courtesy visit.” The two said they discussed international affairs, artificial intelligence and a variety of other issues.

This, of course, is after radical Democrats, led by Obama and Joe Biden, targeted Gen. Michael Flynn for having discussions with foreign leaders when he was a private citizen. They used the obscure, never-enforced Logan Act as a way to target Flynn, even though he was the incoming national security advisor to President-elect Donald Trump at the time. Obama has no official office, current or impending.

But people are finally realizing that he is more powerful than any designee, appointee, prime minister or president-elect.

Is he even more powerful than Joe Biden?

Some in the propaganda media are portraying the answer to that question as debatable. But it’s not even close.

Obama’s visit is especially interesting because it was in London. In his book Ball of Collusion, investigative journalist Andrew McCarthy explains that London was actually “the nerve center of Russiagate.” Almost all the key players in the effort to convince the public that Trump colluded with Russia were American and British government officials who desperately wanted Hillary Clinton to win the election. In light of Britain’s efforts to help Obama’s Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation and National Security Agency to frame Trump for a crime he did not commit, Obama’s visit in the lead-up to the 2024 election is suspicious.

This was Obama’s first meeting with Sunak, but Politico reported that the British prime minister has met with the “current White House occupant” a number of times. It’s pretty telling that Politico never refers to Joe Biden by name and never calls him the president. Is the “White house occupant” a tacit admission that Barack Hussein Obama is the real power behind the Biden administration? Discussing international affairs and artificial intelligence with the head of Britain is not something you do as the head of the Obama administration; it is something you do as the shadow president running the United States.

Recently released transcripts of Biden’s interview with Special Counsel Robert Hur show that Biden was wounded when Obama favored Hillary Clinton over him in the 2016 presidential election; former White House aides say Biden often measures himself against the man he served as vice president. In other words, Biden is very insecure about his relationship with his boss because Obama dominates their relationship.

Some news analysts believe that Biden’s insecurity indicates there is some sort of rivalry or power struggle between the former president and vice president. But this belief gives Biden too much credit. He may not always like being dominated by Obama, but he is far too senile to put up any sort of fight. The much-hyped Obama-Biden power struggle isn’t real. The Biden administration contains so many Obama administration alumni that many analysts believe Obama has more control over it than he had over his own administration (since he actually did have to fight Hillary Clinton for power in the aftermath of 2008).

This shadow presidency is unprecedented in American history, yet it was actually foretold in Bible prophecy. After Obama was reelected to America’s presidency in 2012, my father wrote a startling booklet titled America Under Attack (which has since been greatly expanded). It revealed that Obama was a modern-day type of the Seleucid King Antiochus Epiphanes. Antiochus obtained the throne through lies. He then betrayed the people of Judah who were under his rule, slaughtering them, desecrating the temple in Jerusalem with an idol of himself, and attempting to fundamentally transform Jewishness itself.

Although news about Obama went quiet after he left office, we at the Trumpet have kept an eye on him. In the February 2021 Philadelphia Trumpet issue, my father wrote: “Barack Obama was at the epicenter of the election crisis and the radical left’s effort to prevent Donald Trump from being reelected!” He based his analysis on 2 Kings 14:23-29, which describe a Satan-led movement in the end time to “blot out the name of Israel from under heaven,” and Daniel 8:12, which exposes an end-time Antiochus who “cast down the truth to the ground,” as well as Revelation 12:9, which reveals that God has cast Satan down to Earth.

Read my father’s book America Under Attack. It exposes who is the “mastermind behind the vast, elaborate network of lies and lawlessness aimed at destroying America.” It also shows that God is still going to save the nation through President Trump, an end-time type of King Jeroboam ii, so that people have one last chance to repent. But things might get a lot worse before they get better.

People have to realize that America’s nation-destroying problems are not the mistakes of a senile president. They are the successes of a malevolent shadow president.