‘Biden’s Border Bloodbath’

Migrants take part in a caravan towards the border with the United States in Tapachula, Chiapas State, Mexico, on October 31, 2023.
ISAAC GUZMAN/AFP via Getty Images

‘Biden’s Border Bloodbath’

Joe Biden’s southern border chaos policy has now caused more casualties than some actual wars.

Do you remember summer 2015? Donald Trump had just launched his unique, long-shot campaign for the presidency. The main issues for voters were the economy, terrorism, foreign policy, Obamacare and gun rights, in that order, and he had plenty to say about each of these. But number six on that list came to be there purely because Donald Trump insisted that it was critical, even though all the other candidates, politicians and journalists mentioned it only as a side issue. Without Donald Trump, as he told an nbc reporter in Trump Tower that summer, “you wouldn’t even be talking about immigration.”

Now everyone is talking about immigration, the issue is absolutely critical, and the one trying to solve it is Donald Trump.

President Trump is again traveling the country, campaigning for the presidency, and on April 2 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, he warned America again about the border. Other nations, he emphasized, are sending “prisoners, murderers, drug dealers, mental patients and terrorists” across the borders of the United States. Later the same day, in Green Bay, Wisconsin, he warned that these millions of illegal migrants cost the country trillions of dollars and will cause Social Security and Medicare to “buckle and collapse.” And he used a certain word to describe the ongoing border disaster.

He had used that same word at a March campaign rally to describe what will happen if he isn’t elected and can’t stop one of Mexico’s other strategies. (It is working with China on an economic plan for pulling billions of dollars across the border—southward, of course—away from American auto manufacturers.) nbc and the rest of the liberal media jumped on that word and repeated it and repeated it and repeated it. Trump is talking about physical violence, they said. The Biden campaign jumped on that narrative as well, accusing him of “embracing political violence” and being “a threat to our democracy and our Constitution.”

Trump didn’t back down. He came right back, this time asserting that word in its literal sense: bloodbath.

In March, President Trump said the Mexico-China economic strategy would cause an economic bloodbath in America. In April, he said we are already facing an actual physical bloodbath from Joe Biden’s border strategy.

It’s hard to argue with either of those statements!

But the liberal government-media complex argued nonetheless. In the immediate aftermath of its latest disingenuous and failed attempt to smear Mr. Trump, the talking heads in the regime media diverted viewers’ attention to the claim that most of the people crossing the border are harmless refugees trying to escape poverty and violence. They sidestepped the fact that these masses of people are incentivized, trafficked, raped and worse by gangs and cartels for whom immigration is now big business. They ignored the fact that Trump’s statement is literally true: Other nations are indeed sending “prisoners, murderers, drug dealers, mental patients and terrorists,” not to mention huge numbers of military-age males with the potential to become one or more of these things and worse.

Those who listened to Mr. Trump’s speeches know he was not advocating political violence and murder. That word, as he said, applies far more accurately to the chaos strategy Joe Biden (and Barack Obama) has been successfully implementing at the U.S.-Mexico border! It is the world’s deadliest land crossing for migrants, and Biden’s open-border policies are making it deadlier. Mr. Trump was also highlighting the fact that illegal immigrants are killing thousands of American citizens. The fentanyl being trafficked into the U.S. from Mexico and other places killed more than 75,000 Americans last year, but this is just the beginning of the “bloodbath.” Homicides, assaults, robberies, carjackings and shopliftings are overwhelming U.S. cities.

Of course, not all murderers, muggers and thieves are illegal immigrants. Yet Mr. Trump is right about “prisoners, murderers, drug dealers, mental patients and terrorists” coming to America. He pointed out that Venezuela’s murder rate has dropped to its lowest level in decades because its leaders have emptied their jails and exiled their criminals to the United States. These Venezuelan murderers are now killing people in the United States. It’s no wonder murder rates in Washington, D.C., and other U.S. cities are going up.

The New York Times would have you believe that “most of the people crossing the border are members of vulnerable families escaping poverty and violence.” Yet Department of Homeland Security statistics tell a different story. Of the 2.5 million illegal immigrants encountered at the southern border in 2023, only a third were part of a family unit. The majority of the migrants crossing the border (61 percent) are single adults. Plus, a sizable minority of these adults are not even from Latin America. Official statistics show that many of the people apprehended at the southern border were from Afghanistan, Albania, Belarus, China, Congo, Egypt, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, Somalia, Syria, Yemen and other places.

These people are not poor Guatemalan farmers fleeing drug cartels. Many thousands of them are “prisoners, murderers, drug dealers, mental patients and terrorists.” Over two thirds of Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of the border crisis, and Mr. Trump is warning that this crisis is worse than a war. Between the drug overdoses and the gang violence, over 100,000 Americans are dying each year. The U.S. would not experience anywhere near those casualties in a conventional war with Mexico, but it is suffering them in the border crisis.

And it’s not just border towns like Eagle Pass, Texas, and metropolises like Washington, D.C., that are suffering. The small town of White Water, Wisconsin, is home to roughly 16,000 Americans. Yet despite the town’s small size, the Biden administration has sent between 800-1,000 Nicaraguans and Venezuelans to White Water. President Trump noted during his recent Green Bay campaign rally that feeding and housing these migrants has put White Water in a $400,000 budget hole. Democrats accused Florida Governor Ron DeSantis of human trafficking when he sent illegal immigrants to a wealthy, liberal community in Martha’s Vineyard. But these same people think nothing of sending 1,000 unvetted Venezuelans to a small, Trump-supporting rural town in the Midwest. We’ll have to watch and see what this 6 percent increase to White Water’s population does to the town crime rate. But we already know that these immigrants are driving White Water toward bankruptcy at lightning speed.

The New York Times won’t like me saying this out loud, but Biden’s border crisis is pushing America toward a financial bloodbath just as fast as Venezuelan gangs are pushing America toward a literal bloodbath.

President Trump reiterated his opinion that if his campaign does not win the 2024 presidential election, then America may not survive. And while I’m sure the regime media will twist these words into yet another threat of violence, many analysts agree with him. Fox News host Jesse Watters believes the main reason Democrats are allowing illegal immigrants to flood into the United States is to turn Texas into a Democratic stronghold. If this happens, then Democrats will be able to change U.S. voter ID requirements and rule indefinitely with foreign support.

“This is an orchestrated Communist assault on America to destroy America’s borders, to create confusion in America, to overwhelm the system politically,” Trevor Loudon, a communism expert, told the Epoch Times. “You can see what 15, 16, 20, 25 million new Democratic voters are going to do to this country. You will lose Texas; you’ll lose Florida; you will lose Georgia, Arizona and North Carolina. There will never be, ever, another Republican or conservative president in our lifetimes. You will have a one-party state in America.”

Nick R. Hamilton at Slay News recently quoted a segment of an article I wrote titled “The Biden-Obama Power Struggle Isn’t Real.” The segment said, “People have to realize that America’s nation-destroying problems are not the mistakes of a senile president. They are the successes of a malevolent shadow president.”

The border crisis gives us more proof that this statement is correct. Biden may be senile, but his staff could secure the border if Barack Obama wanted it secured. But Obama does not want it secured. He wants to turn Texas into a Democratic stronghold and transform America into a one-party state. Obama’s hands were tied while he was in office because he could not risk turning two thirds of Americans against him. But now that he is ruling via a puppet, Obama can afford to enact unpopular policies and let Biden take the fall.

My father, Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry, notes in America Under Attack that “2 Kings 14:26-27 reveal the real aim of what Barack Obama has been doing and continues to do through the Biden administration: to ‘blot out the name of Israel from under heaven.’ This gets to the truth in a way that no one else can recognize. ‘Under heaven’ means the entire Earth! That is the extent of their blotting out the name of Israel. Everything is happening in a way that causes maximum destruction to the modern-day nations of Israel.”

You need to read this book if you have not already. Two thirds of Americans recognize that the border crisis is a curse on America, but only a small number know that this curse is being intentionally organized. America Under Attack helps you understand the treason in our country and how God plans to deal with it!