The Divider in Chief

Barack Obama addresses a rally in the gymnasium of the Pinkerton Academy January 6, 2008 in Derry, New Hampshire.
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The Divider in Chief

Barack Hussein Obama’s multicultural integration is designed for national disintegration.

The United States of America is more divided now than at any time since the Civil War, maybe ever. President Abraham Lincoln astutely observed 128 years ago that both North and South read the same Bible, prayed to the same God, and invoked God’s aid against the other. But today, Americans are divided over every issue imaginable: culture, economics, morality, politics, race, religion, sexuality and even whether the American dream is an ideal worth fighting for. What has caused this?

World Tomorrow presenter Herbert W. Armstrong warned seven decades ago of a well-organized Communist plot to split the American superpower into warring factions. In 1955, he invited Lt. Cmdr. Montgomery Green of the U.S. Naval Reserve to talk on the air and write the cover story for the January 1956 issue of the Plain Truth: “Russia’s Super-Secret Weapon Revealed!”

These men were warning that a greater threat than the hydrogen bomb was Communist-educated revolutionaries.

“Perhaps the most closely guarded secret of world communism, cut off from view by the Iron Curtain and shrouded in unbelievable security precautions, is the system of colleges for professional revolutionaries that annually turn out thousands of skilled agitators to bedevil the free world,” wrote Commander Green. “Although this educational program has been in action for 30 years, and has graduated political saboteurs estimated to number a minimum of 100,000, its very existence is unknown to most people in the West.”

Many Americans understood there was some kind of cultural and psychological threat posed by Communist revolutionaries. But they failed to see through the shroud and to realize how serious the threat was. Communism took deep root in America.

One revolutionary named Frank Marshall Davis (Communist Party identification number: #47544) wrote a propaganda column for the Honolulu Record when Mr. Armstrong first started warning about communism. But Davis’s biggest contribution to the Communist cause was mentoring young Barack Obama.

Obama met Davis in 1971, and he learned the Communist arts of infiltration and deception well. In 2009, he became president of the United States on a successful campaign promising hope, change and unity. But his actions after he took the oath of office show that his real goal was always national disintegration.

Read Michael Lind’s April 9 Tablet editorial “Obama’s Americans” and tell me if you think Davis would be proud of his protégé. Lind wrote:

Is the United States a nation-state, in which there is an “American people” whose members have more in common with each other than merely being subject to the jurisdiction of American federal, state and local governments? Or is the United States just a random agglomeration of tribes and individuals who share nothing except an agreement to abide by certain minimal rules? The answer is the latter, according to Barack Obama. In a plutocratic fundraiser for the reelection campaign of Joe Biden, the former president declared: “But what has always made America exceptional is this radical idea that you can get people from every corner of the globe—don’t look alike, don’t have the same name, worship differently, speak different languages, have different cultural traditions—and somehow, they’re going to come together under a set of rules and we’re all going to pledge … that’s our creed ….”

This statement Obama made about multiculturalism might not sound too shocking to Democrats today, but it would have been shocking in 1956 when Americans indeed shared a common language, a common culture and common virtues.

Commander Green warned that Joseph Stalin was encouraging American blacks toward secessionism and nationalism to stir up civil war in the U.S. Obama’s cultural Balkanization strategy is just a more politically correct way of accomplishing the same thing. Obama does not want the U.S. to be a “melting pot” that absorbs immigrants into an American culture. He wants to blot out American culture.

Abraham Lincoln famously quoted Jesus Christ stating that a house divided against itself cannot stand. But Obama is glorifying, pushing for and, behind the shroud, actively causing division. Through his influence on Biden and the federal government, he is stirring up ethnic divisions between blacks and whites and opening the border to illegal immigrants from more than 160 nations. This is a recipe for disaster, and many think Obama is naive for advocating such a strategy. But he is not naive. He was mentored by Communist Party USA member #47544 and his goal is to sow division in America that a socialist government can exploit to move in and take over. This is all part of that same step-by-step plan Commander Green warned about in a conversation with Mr. Armstrong 69 years ago.

“When Barack Obama promised to ‘fundamentally change America’ during his 2008 presidential run, few people knew what he really meant. Now that he is out of office, it is becoming clearer all the time that the change he was talking about was something far more dangerous than many people assumed,” my father, Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry, wrote in his 2020 article “America Has Been ‘Fundamentally Transformed.’” “He meant changing America from a constitutional republic. And what we are witnessing in the country today shows that, to an alarming degree, he succeeded! … All this ought to terrify every American.”

That is a blockbuster quote! It means we are moving away from a republic to a single-party state and, likely, dictatorship. Obama is deliberately causing chaos. Mr. Armstrong called this strategy “psychological warfare.” Commander Green called it “political warfare.” And modern-day intelligence officers like Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn call it “fifth-generation warfare.” All three men are talking about the same thing: an organized campaign that targets your mind to achieve its objective, blotting out America’s last remaining biblical beliefs and blessings.

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