The Regime Fears an Educated Citizenry

The Regime Fears an Educated Citizenry

Those in charge want to prevent people from thinking for themselves.

A well-informed citizenry may be the best defense against tyranny. That is why would-be authoritarians in Washington, D.C., watch, ridicule and fear citizens who do their own research. Fact-checking organizations like Snopes and PolitiFact have supported the government narrative for years, but this censorship-industrial complex is no longer content with “debunking” conservative narratives. They want to prevent people from thinking for themselves—and from learning certain information in the first place.

Newsguard Technologies announced on March 1 that it is now using artificial intelligence algorithms to prevent people from seeing information online that challenges government and corporate media claims about election fraud. This means that any Internet browser using Newsguard Technology will automatically censor information on this topic from sites like the Federalist, Fox News and Wikileaks, while promoting sites like the New York Times.

According to a Federalist report titled “AI Censorship Targets People Who Read Primary Sources to Fact-check the News,” Newsguard “received federal funding for developing these Internet censorship tools that now include artificial intelligence.”

A recent congressional report about AI censorship reveals this funding is being given out for some very disturbing reasons. The Federalist reported:

A Massachusetts Institute of Technology team the federal government funded to develop AI censorship tools described conservatives, minorities, residents of rural areas, “older adults” and veterans as “uniquely incapable of assessing the veracity of content online,” says the House report.

The report also stated that people who are dedicated to “the Bible or the Constitution” are susceptible to “disinformation” because they “often focused on reading a wide array of primary sources and performing their own synthesis.”

“Performing your own synthesis” means thinking for yourself.

This is the premise accepted by censors in Washington, Silicon Valley, mit and elsewhere: Ethnic minorities, senior citizens, veterans and people who live in the country are easy to fool because they are minorities, senior citizens, veterans and rural—and Christians are easy to fool because they rely on primary sources and critical thinking. The reasoning, therefore, is that the government censorship-industrial complex must use powerful technologies to censor what those citizens can know.

America now has a ruling class, and it is asserting itself powerfully. The people who say they are “saving democracy” (a society in which the common people control the government) are using police raids, radical legal attacks and turbocharged censorship to desperately stop the “incapable” common people from electing the candidate of their choice!

This should greatly concern every American citizen. The agencies hiring mit to censor information are politically aligned with Barack Hussein Obama, who once said at a Stanford University Cyber Policy Center symposium that it is important for people to “fight for truth ….” Sounds good, right? Except here’s the rest of that sentence: “… not absolute truth, not a fixed truth, but to fight for what, deep down, we know is more true, is right.”

You read that right.

The man who constantly talks about right-wing misinformation does not even believe “absolute truth” (which common people just call truth) exists. No wonder leftists fear information and hate for people to read primary sources. The fact that the truth is absolute and fixed and can be independently verified directly contradicts what they want to be true.

This is a war between truth and their will.

This is the attitude the Catholic Church took toward the Bible in the Middle Ages, when owning one was outlawed. The clergy thought the common people were susceptible to “disinformation,” so they outlawed the information. It is also the same attitude the Worldwide Church of God (wcg) took during our six-year legal battle over Herbert W. Armstrong’s Mystery of the Ages, the best book for understanding the Bible. wcg Pastor General Joe Tkach Jr. wrote, “We feel it is our Christian duty to keep this book out of print … because we believe Mr. Armstrong’s doctrinal errors are better left out of circulation.” He wasn’t fighting for “absolute truth” but what, deep down, was his will. He hated those beliefs and he fought to block people from ever finding out they exist.

Daniel 8:10-12 prophesy of a time in the modern age when truth will be cast down. My father, Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry, writes in America Under Attack that this chapter “describes Satan’s activities in a very telling way. It applies in principle to what has happened to America. Beginning in verse 10 is a description of an attack Satan made in this end time. The prophetic language here references God’s ‘sanctuary’ and the ‘daily sacrifice,’ using the temple of God in ancient Israel as a prophetic symbol. This describes a satanic assault on the modern ‘sanctuary,’ God’s Church. Still, it exposes the devil’s tactics in his assault on the United States as well. … Satan is always working to cast the truth to the ground.”

Millions of people read, watched and heard Mr. Armstrong through Mystery of the Ages, the Plain Truth magazine, the World Tomorrow broadcast and more. They heard him say over and over: “Don’t believe me; believe your Bible.” But the devil does not think like that. If he had his way, people would never have a chance to choose the truth because they would never hear about it. That is why Daniel 11:38 calls Satan the “god of forces.” The true God who created your mind and ability to choose requires you to make a choice—and leaves that choice to you. Satan rules by force.

Paul wrote in Colossians 2:18, 23: “Let no man beguile you of your reward in a voluntary humility and worshipping of angels [demons, it should read], intruding into those things which he [has] seen [that is the correct translation], vainly puffed up by his fleshly mind …. Which things have indeed a shew of wisdom in will worship ….”

We live in the age of truth-blocking, reality-rejecting will worship.

People engage in will worship when they place their own will or the will of another being above reality, which is to say, above the God of reality. They are not interested in primary sources—like the Bible. Take the Apostle Paul’s advice and let no man beguile you with censorship or AI deception. Now is the time to delve into primary sources and hold fast to the truth.