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History of Money | The Future of Money

Our markets, our banks, our government and our money itself are on the verge of collapse. Here’s why this tragedy is ultimately good news!

Is this the end of the American economy?

Everything attached to our fundamental monetary system is wobbling like a wheel with one lug nut on. Americans produce far more services than actual goods; American manufacturing might is fading into the historic past; foreign corporations and governments have snapped up billions in American assets; energy and transportation infrastructure creaks with age; the U.S. housing market is melting; banks are failing or being bailed out by a government sinking in un-repayable debt of its own; individual debt is out of control; and foreign investors are falling out of love with the dollar. And we won’t even get into potential weather disasters or terrorist disruptions or enemy attacks.

It wouldn’t take much to overdraft what little confidence remains in the U.S. economy. But much is coming.

America’s coming monetary meltdown is not the result of one bad fiscal year, one bad administration, one bad Congress or even one bad generation. It’s the final throes of a fundamentally bad system. Our modern financial system, derived from ancient Babylon and from Rome, was founded on selfishness, corruption and greed and has only worsened with age. Throughout history, every experimentation with fiat currency has failed. Today, as this flawed, doomed system careens toward inevitable disaster, we find ourselves scrambling around with more and more desperate measures to make it work for just one more year. And in the backs of our minds, we all ask ourselves the same question, How long can this go on? Not much longer. This is the end of the American economy.

Whether they come in the next few months or few years, the coming financial disasters suspected by many but fathomed by few will rock our world and pulverize our fervent faith in the economic system man has devised. We will then see it for what it is: a sick and failed system. We will also see that our ways of business, government, international relations, science and even religion have also been founded on a faulty premise. As those structures come crashing down, we will also be able to see why they were shoddy and why they were destined to collapse: They stood atop the wrong foundation. They were built on a foundation that was warped, out of square, and crumbling to pieces: human nature.

However, there is good news!

In fact, this economic meltdown is, in the end, good news. Although the end of the flawed, unfair, unsound American economy is drawing near, we are simultaneously approaching the beginning of a new world economy! The soon-coming financial destruction is actually a good thing. Once we see the disastrous conclusion to mankind’s longitudinal experiment in human reasoning, we will finally be willing to build on an altogether new and different foundation of knowledge: the Word of God.

God understands us. He understands how our minds work. He understands what principles and rules produce happy and successful individuals and nations—these principles, after all, are His law. And although He cannot now get our attention with words, once man implodes his own civilization, He will intervene and introduce the dawn of a new World Tomorrow.

Under God’s rulership, the new world economy will not be founded on human nature and selfishness. It will be founded on God’s spiritual law found in the Bible: giving, sharing and loving. So get ready for some big changes.

No more fiat currencies. No more printing money to pay debts. No more wildly creating and spending money in the short term and overdrafting the next generation’s future. No more speculators gambling on the peaks and valleys of a volatile stock market divorced from the real value of companies—which themselves today are often divorced from the actual hard work that produces real wealth. No more stock markets. No more money-manipulating world banks, insurance companies, loan agencies or even interest!

Because God’s government will address the root causes of problems, which are so often selfish attitudes and human vanity, these changes will extend way beyond knocking down certain institutions and stopping certain practices. The new world economy will be free of stealing, lying and coveting. No more competing with your neighbors and friends for the most goods on the block. No more impulse-buying or lusting after luxuries we do not need and cannot afford.

No more hollowed-out Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid—they won’t be needed. No more predatory lending. No more impossibly large debt. No more sifting through pages of tiny text to find the catch. No more bank crashes and golden parachutes. No more insurance fraud. No more insurance! No more high-pressure salesmen. No more government mismanagement of markets. No more hardworking laborers being mistreated. No more unions damaging businesses and economies. No more taxes—inheritance taxes, income taxes, value-added taxes, federal taxes, state taxes, county taxes, city taxes, school taxes or hidden taxes. No more taxes for you to pay to bail out others who bought—or lent—recklessly.

Government waste, industrial inefficiency, petty squabbling, dishonesty, laying down on the job, cheating, engineered obsolescence, shoddy workmanship, deceptive advertising, inflated prices and all the hopeless complexity that defines our economies will be gone!

Unbelievable productivity, universal employment, industrious workers, considerate supervisors, quality goods, fair dealing, hard work, happy cooperation, high value, plenteous volume, healthy supply, healthy demand, honest reporting, accurate indicators, good news and understandable economics will compose the gross domestic products of the World Tomorrow. Hard work will be rewarded. Honesty will turn the wheels of industry. Economies will thrive. Analysts will be floored.

Revolutionary financial education for everyone will teach young people and adults a proper perspective and how to save and spend money and acquire wealth the right way. It will enlighten consumers to reality, that God owns all the wealth in the world and He gives it to us—as well as our lives themselves! Of that wealth, all He commands is for us to freely give Him a tithe (tenth) back to teach us to be grateful and to look to Him as our God and our Provider.

But there’s more good news. You don’t have to wait for our economic world to crash to the ground and the World Tomorrow daybreak! You can live the abundant life beginning today! God wants you to enjoy financial freedom and many other blessings that He is just waiting to shower down on you if you will obey Him. If you would love to trade in this rotten world’s way of financial life for God’s wonderful way of living, you can start right now! Read “Ending Your Financial Worries” and “What About the Economic Structure?” in Chapter 7 of The Wonderful World Tomorrow by Herbert W. Armstrong. A new economic system—God’s economic system—is coming; wouldn’t you like to be a part of it today?