Philip Nice

Many Europhiles believe post-Cold War NATO should be more Eurocentric. The secretary general is one.

Warning signs show that the era of cheap groceries and easily affordable food is rapidly coming to a close.

An independent ballistics expert corroborates what many already suspected: The child martyr icon of the second intifada was not killed by Israelis.

The Vatican meddling in Balkan affairs should be sounding off historically terrifying echoes.

A personal glimpse into the Herbert W. Armstrong College experience.

Following Washington’s disastrous intelligence estimate, Tehran is taking advantage of the situation.

As Kosovo negotiations end in failure, the world braces for more fireworks in the former Yugoslavia.

The Palestinians’ “moderate” party barrages Sderot with rockets, promising hundreds more.

The data and the real-life proof is in: Fathers make a huge difference.

While Muslims respond to “offensive” cartoons with riots and violence, Europe has yet to respond to their ghastly Islamic counterparts, which are truly inflammatory.

Rather than examining what happens when fathers disappear, society glosses it over and covers it up.

What a city without fathers looks like.

Tehran is building up its presence near Israel’s border through reconstruction efforts in Lebanon.

Where today’s surge in violent crime is leading—and where it will stop.

Where today’s surge in violent crime is leading— and where it will stop!

Beijing continues its policy of courting rather than confronting certain states. It will remember to collect those favors.

A most grotesque example of the hate-saturated culture in which Middle East Muslims are rearing the next generation.

This American taxpayer-funded network is a weapon for anti-Americanism.

Esteeming ourselves more highly than we ought—and a lesson learned.

Esteeming ourselves more highly than we ought—and a lesson learned.

A jury refuses to administer the death penalty to one of the masterminds behind 9/11. The death penalty is moot in America.

A startling case study in higher education’s failure to produce leaders

Turkey’s earnest—and doomed—odyssey for European brotherhood

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