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By Jeremiah Jacques, from September 22, 2016 in Analysis »
It’s more important to success than intelligence or talent.
By Jeremiah Jacques, from September 21, 2016 in Featured »
For Russia and China, it was a year of bold moves.
As America pulls away, China fills the void. The whole continent is on notice.
By Jeremiah Jacques, from February 8, 2015 in Featured »
‘In less than 100 years we are seriously depleting what took nature more than 10,000 years to fill.’
Many Americans abuse welfare. That’s bad for taxpayers, but it’s even worse for the abusers. 
During World War II, thousands of Jewish lives were in the hands of one man—who had orders not to save them.
What happens when we bridge the geographic and linguistic gaps that have separated us for centuries? 
From a simple cost-benefit perspective, even failed terrorist attacks are spectacularly successful at draining America economically.