More Than 20 Chinese Spy Balloons Over Taiwan

China has floated more than 20 balloons over Taiwan in the past week, and the incursion might be ongoing.

This violates Taiwan’s airspace and threatens its aviation safety. Indo-Pacific News is calling this a “significant escalation” in China’s push against Taiwanese sovereignty.

Reconnaissance: These balloons are believed to be similar to the spy balloon that China floated over the United States early last year. And for Taiwan, this is the first time China has invaded its airspace in this way. So it is likely a reconnaissance project, and should be seen as a clear sign that the Chinese Communist Party is actively planning to seize Taiwan.

The Chinese have been threatening such a takeover for many years, but the Taiwanese have managed to stay independent and free thanks to military equipment and a promise of protection from their main partner: the United States.

Unprotected: But in recent years, America’s promises have become hollow. The Chinese see that U.S. backing doesn’t mean what it once did.

As 2024 progresses, we should expect to see more and more instances of Chinese aggression against Taiwan and more signs of an authoritarian China actively planning to conquer this democratic nation.