Executive Editor

Stephen Flurry

Current Phase of Communist Attack: Empty the Prisons

Demoralizing society, denying history, deferring immigration, defunding police and now ‘decarcerating’ criminals—this is a deliberate attempt to destabilize America.

Who is making the decisions off-camera?

The culture war that Herbert Armstrong prophesied is now here.

The corporate media is already working to bury the details of Darrell Brooks’s latest crime because it doesn’t fit the narrative that ‘there’s nothing more frightening in America today than an angry white man.’

Media coverage of the trial reveals less about the trial than it does about the media.

American political operatives colluding with Russia was true after all.

Trace the deceit-powered strategy that forced through the Obama-Biden regime back to its source.

The radical left believes the ends justify the means, and the means are horrible.

A not-so-open secret in America: Pharmaceutical megacorporations practically own the corporate media.

What you are seeing in school board meetings is part of the Marxist war strategy against family.

Vaccines have been a financial windfall for big pharma. So never mind natural immunity—just get the jab.

Video footage of Australian police beating, choking and body-slamming ordinary citizens for violating lockdown decrees looks like something you would expect from a Communist dictatorship.

Like his boss, Barack Obama, Joe Biden is a weakling abroad and a tyrant at home.

The difference between Kabul and Saigon is that the American president rescued all the Americans in Vietnam.

The Biden administration’s military withdrawal from Afghanistan is more sinister than you think.

The world is witnessing the disintegration not only of hope in Afghanistan but of the American empire!

Society is making sacrifices to a false messiah.

‘Rent control appears to be the most efficient technique presently known to destroy a city—except for bombing.’

Some investigations are for exposing crime; some are for covering up crimes.

Prominent Democrats warned that voting machines were vulnerable to hacking—until they won.

Election theft is being exposed, and Democrats are getting nervous.

Why does the Capitol Police need to expand beyond Washington, D.C.?

Why is being smart and being right two different things?

But how do you find it?

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