Executive Editor

Stephen Flurry

Two Thirds of Millennials Don’t Know What Auschwitz Is

The tragic results of the decline in education

The swooning continues.

For a man who professes to be a truth-teller, he tells a lot of lies.

Why did the Obama administration allow Russian interference in the 2016 presidential elections?

Technology is emotionally damaging our young people, and nobody knows how to stop it.

At a time when America should be reducing its spending, Republicans have approved the largest budget ever.

Where does this end? And how will it impact the United States of America?

Correction is one of God’s most precious gifts!

The ‘father of all crises’ has struck—and leaders pretend it doesn’t even exist.

Many people once thought running a mile in under four minutes was impossible—until Roger Bannister stepped onto the track.

Just below the surface lies a much more important dimension that journalists won’t talk about.

Shocking statistics reveal more results of the widespread fatherlessness crisis in America.

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