Will the Latest Attack on Paris Influence the Outcome of Sunday’s Election?

With French presidential elections just days away, we examine how this latest attack will impact the election and what it means in broader terms for the future of the European Union.

The French elections have large implications beyond France’s borders.

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Will America’s strike in Syria lead to a change of alliances in the Middle East?

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The ability to focus is the difference between success and failure.

For nearly three decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall, a reunited Germany has been achieving exactly what it wanted, but failed at, in two world wars.

Germany is achieving exactly what it wanted, but failed at, in two world wars: control of Europe.

How Herbert W. Armstrong’s bold forecast from the 1940s is being fulfilled today.

The Obama administration knew how to play the media and prosecuted anyone who challenged it.

The major media in America view President Donald Trump as enemy number one, but Mr. Trump’s war with the media isn’t close to what Barack Obama’s was.

While Britain sorts out its EU departure it also faces the question of its very existence, again.

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Stones in northern Israel silently tell the story.