Executive Editor

Stephen Flurry

The Divider in Chief

Barack Hussein Obama’s multicultural integration is designed for national disintegration.

Joe Biden’s southern border chaos policy has now caused more casualties than some actual wars.

The ‘current White House occupant’ does not lead America and isn’t even in contention.

Chapter 6 of America Under Attack never more relevant than in 2024

Biden tries to brand Trump ‘Broke Don’ as his wealth surges.

Why leftist attempts to sabotage Trump’s campaign keep backfiring

Those in charge want to prevent people from thinking for themselves.

It’s unanimous: State leaders cannot block their citizens from voting for the candidate of their choice.

The radical Obama-Biden regime is creating chaos at the southern border to provoke a civil war.

What are Democrats trying to protect: the truth or the Biden crime family?

There is an important reason why radical leftists keep falling into their own traps.

The outcome of Joe Biden’s classified documents scandal shows that America has lost the rule of law.

Open-border policies are pushing working-class Democrats toward the Republican Party.

American society has been fundamentally transformed, largely by men at the top—who are sexual degenerates.

Millions of Americans want Donald Trump back in the White House. Some leftist elites are willing to burn down the system to stop them.

Rather than effectively resisting immigration chaos, ineffectively resisting immigration chaos or doing nothing, the Biden regime is asserting its right to cause immigration chaos.

More evidence of fbi involvement on Jan. 6, 2021, and not just at the Capitol

New evidence emerges that the only standard of justice in America is the double standard.

Sexual predators within America’s power elite are fundamentally transforming society.

A deep hatred of Western civilization is animating a new brand of anti-Semitism.

A nation founded as an experiment in human liberty is now a corrupt oligarchy ruled by criminals.

Democrats are waking up to the fact that the tsunami of illegal aliens pouring into America is a problem.

The United States is suffering from Third World-style lawfare.

The court’s decision to take a January 6 defendant’s case is already a win for President Donald Trump.

Truth and wisdom are within reach.

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