Presidential Debate Exposes America’s Puppet Master

U.S. President Joe Biden arrives onstage with former U.S. President Barack Obama during a campaign fundraiser at the Peacock Theater in Los Angeles on June 15.
MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

Presidential Debate Exposes America’s Puppet Master

It has never been clearer that someone other than Joe Biden is running the country.

For the last few weeks, the regime media narrative has been that Joe Biden is at the top of his game. Last week’s debate showed the whole world a very different story.

Before the debate, Republicans seemed to be the only ones voicing concern about Biden’s obvious mental decline. Yet the regime media consistently said that any videos you may have seen highlighting Biden’s senility were “deceptively edited.” Then the entire world got an uninterrupted 90-minute stretch of Biden acting senile on live television. He stammered and stumbled. He mixed up “billion” and “million.” He forgot how to end a sentence several times. And when he wasn’t speaking, he stood frozen, mouth agape and eyes wide open, for disturbingly long stretches.

The regime media cannot explain this away, so Democratic elites are worried. The New York Times published an editorial titled “To Serve His Country, Biden Should Leave the Race.” The Chicago Tribune called Biden’s campaign for a second term “a ridiculous idea.” The Washington Post said Biden should do some “soul-searching” after a “calamitous” performance. The Economist reiterated that Biden needed to step aside in favor of a Democratic candidate who has a chance of beating Donald Trump.

It was amazing to see: In a single evening, the regime media pivoted from saying Biden’s at the top of his game to saying he needs to withdraw from the race because he is cognitively unfit for reelection.

Barack Obama attempted to soothe media jitters by writing on social media, “Bad debate nights happen. Trust me, I know. But this election is still a choice between someone who has fought for ordinary folks his entire life and someone who only cares about himself.” Yet some clear-eyed Democrats are waking up to the fact that the man who debated Trump on June 27 cannot possibly be running the country. Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. noted after the debate that Biden “does not seem to be the person who’s making the decisions in the White House.”

Good observation! Democrats better get ready to answer questions about who is calling the shots at the White House, because even their own party members can see it is definitely not Biden. At a recent Biden campaign event in Nevada, an undecided voter asked, “Who’s running the country?” But a campaign official intervened to shut down the exchange before anyone could answer his great question.

What a powerful stamp of approval this debate put on my father’s book America Under Attack! He has said since the beginning of the Biden presidency that Biden was merely a puppet of Barack Obama. Many were initially skeptical of this claim, but now the whole world can see Joe Biden clearly is not running the country. He is barely capable of stringing together sentences, so his staff must be taking orders from someone else. Who would that person be?

How about the man who lives a couple miles away in an $8 million Kalorama mansion? Obama is the first president in a century to remain in Washington, D.C., after leaving office, and his mansion is a hub of political activity. White House staffers routinely visit Kalorama for their marching orders while Biden remains in the White House, cared for by his wife and a team of handlers.

In fact, one big takeaway from last week’s debate is how cruel Obama is toward his former vice president. Biden was a willing puppet to begin with, but things are getting to the point where Obama may be guilty of elder abuse if he continues to force a lonely, bewildered senior citizen to keep pretending like he is the president when he should be spending even more time than he is already at home.

It has never been clearer that someone other than Biden is running the country, yet Bible prophecy predicted this is the way it would be. As my father points out in America Under Attack, Daniel 11:21 says an end-time Antiochus would obtain rule through deceit and flatteries. This is exactly how Obama is currently governing America. He doesn’t run the country openly from the Oval Office. Instead, he pretends Biden is the real president while he flatters lobbyists in his mansion and pulls the strings of power behind the scenes. He has done this for almost four years. The regime media is now being forced to admit it.

Unless Obama is able to do some dramatic damage control in the next few weeks, he might have to consider getting rid of Biden and finding another puppet. Yet given how hard it is to find someone as easy to control as Joe Biden, this could be difficult. It looks like Obama is between a rock and a hard place.

He is about to lose control of the country to Donald Trump. A prophecy in Amos 7 states that God will pass by America one last time so people have a chance to solve this terrible problem, yet this passage does not mention an Antiochus figure. Is this because Antiochus is off the scene after Trump regains office?

After nearly 16 years of bitter affliction, America may soon be rid of Obama and Biden. This is great news—yet Americans need to know why God is saving America. It is not because Americans have repented of the sins that allowed Barack Obama to hijack the country. It is because America would not have a chance to repent of these sins if the Obama administration continued destroying the country.

God promises to spare America in Amos 7:8, but He also promises that this is the last time He will pass over America’s sins before He allows the country to be destroyed. The presidential debate is a wake-up call we must not ignore!