Prepare for Election Year Chaos!

A sign that reads “Biden: #PassTheTorch, #StopTrump” is posted on the gate of an overpass with the dome of the U.S. Capitol visible in the background on July 8 in Washington, D.C.
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Prepare for Election Year Chaos!

Some ‘certainties,’ like a Biden-Trump rematch, are now up in the air—but some are not.

Barack Obama and his apparatus chose Joe Biden, shielded Joe Biden, installed Joe Biden, and controlled Joe Biden. Barack Obama controlled the spymasters, the politicians, the judges, the Hollywood celebrities and the media executives to the point that an aging, gaffe-and-lie-prone career politician and 47-year creature of “the swamp” who lost the first three 2020 primaries, campaigned from his basement, drew tiny crowds, and was implicated in corruption and worse by evidence from within his own family went on to allegedly win more popular votes (81 million) than any candidate in American history in a highly suspect election involving numerous mail and electronic voting irregularities—and was pronounced president in a coordinated announcement by the corporate media.

Barack Obama continued to influence forces within the government to deter, intimidate and otherwise prevent the courts from intervening and Congress from debating the evidence prior to voting for 2020 election certification, to the point of the Federal Bureau of Investigation perpetrating a riot at the Capitol. Barack Obama—along with his wife—pushed the tech companies to ban and the Democrats to impeach President Donald Trump. Barack Obama, peering from behind a covid mask, was the shadowy presence at the military-locked-down inauguration of Joe Biden.

When Joe Biden moved into the White House, his loyalists in key positions were quickly replaced by “Obama’s people.” Rather than moving to his mansion in Hawaii (or his mansion in Illinois, or his mansion in Massachusetts), Barack Obama was and is living a mile and a half from the White House at his mansion in D.C. Yet journalists show a marked lack of interest in covering what he is doing there. But most importantly, through Joe Biden, Barack Obama’s policies have been flowing virtually unchecked for 3½ years into American homes, businesses and bases—and centers of power around the world.

Is this about to change?

Due to his corruption, his history as Obama’s vice president and his mental state, Biden could be controlled by Obama—during the campaign, during the fraudulent election and for the last 3½ years as pretender to the throne. But now, the week after my father, Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry, stated that Obama’s influence will now begin to be blotted out, we see this man’s near-total grip on this fraudulent regime beginning to loosen.

Even with Biden’s staff restricting his availability—from his 2020 campaign to his time as an imposter in the White House to his current 2024 campaign—limiting his travel, minimizing meetings, hiding visits from doctors, supplying prescreened questions to journalists (and shouting to interrupt their impromptu questions), and scripting his every move, Joe Biden has repeatedly stumbled in public and presumably in private, physically and mentally.

Yet ensconced within his inner circle with his wife and infamous son, he insists on running to remain in the White House to the age of 86. This meant debating Donald Trump. Biden hid away amid the woods of Camp David for about a week, leaving the running of the country to others, to try to prepare. Then, on June 27, with 51 million people watching, he emerged. And what America and the world saw was an elderly man often speaking in a weak voice and unable to finish some of his thoughts. Democrats admitted it was a disaster. Biden himself characterized it (and attempted to minimize it) as “a bad night.”

With prominent Democrats now voicing their concerns about Biden’s cognitive ability openly, Biden’s team scheduled a prime-time television appearance. “Biden’s High-Stakes Interview.” “Biden’s Attempt to Save His Campaign and Presidency.” “At Key Juncture, Biden Again Gambles on ABC’s George Stephanopoulos.” The headlines marked this as a crucial moment for Biden, after appearing increasingly weak in body and in mind, particularly at the debate. But as yesterday’s Trumpet Brief noted, it was 22 minutes of pride, lies, diversion and out-of-touch claims and—because the interviewer uncharacteristically asked persistent, challenging questions about Biden’s cognitive fitness—a troubling lack of evidence that Biden is in control of anything, including himself.

Democrats have literally spent years asserting that Biden is not only a legitimate president but a great one. They have aggressively dismissed and ridiculed questions about his physical and mental fitness. Now, as if Americans don’t remember the past 3½ years, many of them are suddenly voicing their concerns about Biden’s cognitive stability, calling on him to end his reelection campaign so another Democrat can replace him, and even suggesting that he resign as president so Kamala Harris (who is even less popular than Biden) can take over until the election and perhaps beyond.

Their fear is real, but it is not fear for the future of this country. It is fear that this imposter regime will fall, they will lose control of the federal government, and people who have committed crimes against this country will have to answer for them!

At this point, about a dozen members of Congress are known to be pushing for Biden to withdraw. Prominent journalists, including the New York Times editorial board, are demanding the same thing, as are megadonors like Abigail Disney. Democrat strategists like David Axelrod say Democrats will lose by a landslide if Biden remains their nominee.

It seems like the Democrats who want Biden to run the most are Jill Biden and Hunter Biden, who have been acting as Joe’s gatekeepers in the aftermath of his disastrous debate. He seems to be listening to them, because in Friday’s interview, he insisted that the only way he would quit is if “the Lord Almighty” Himself came down and said, “Joe, get out of the race.”

That sounds like a man who has made up his mind. Yet in Democratic Party politics, the role of “the Lord Almighty” is often presumptuously assumed by Barack Obama. Many Democrats are looking to him and his allies for what to do next. A number of insiders have said that if Obama says, Joe, get out of the race, that is exactly what will happen. But so far, although he too has criticized Biden’s debate appearance as a “bad night,” Obama has not publicly pulled his endorsement for nominating Biden. Obama is either losing his control over the nomination and election or, since he still retains enormous power, perhaps he intends to allow the party to descend into chaos.

Obama, so accustomed to being in control from behind the scenes, could have been caught off-guard by Biden’s poor debate and interview. What is his next move? Use Kamala Harris? Use Michelle Obama? Hazard a repeat of the same strategy—this time more risky—to manipulate the media’s election coverage, state election laws, electronic voting systems, mail-in ballots and swing-state vote counting? Or allow Donald Trump his inevitable victory in a free and fair election and try to attack his presidency from 2024 onward like he did from 2016 to 2020?

Perhaps as an “insurance policy,” the regime media is already portraying Donald Trump as a would-be dictator and a would-be Adolf Hitler. For example, when covering the Supreme Court’s ruling that a president’s constitutional authority is immune from prosecution, they don’t talk so much about past presidents or the current president-in-name-only: They talk constantly about Donald Trump—as if his return to the presidency is inevitable.

That is what the Trumpet has been saying since early 2021! That was at a time when most people accepted Biden as legitimate, when Trump himself didn’t seem sure he would try to mount a comeback, when enthusiasm was building for Ron DeSantis as the future Republican star, and when almost no one talked about Barack Obama covertly controlling the federal government. How the story has changed—but not at the Trumpet!

In the Philadelphia Trumpet newsmagazine and on the Trumpet Daily podcast, we have consistently, repeatedly focused in on Barack Obama as more than just a radical liberal politician. He has largely kept himself out of the headlines, but we have tried to track what he is doing far more than anyone else. Why? Because the subtlety and sophistication—and destructiveness—of Barack Obama comes from the ultimate source of subtle, sophisticated destruction! (Request your free copy of America Under Attack.)

I’ve interviewed Gen. Michael Flynn, candidate Kari Lake, journalist Lara Logan and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza specifically about Obama. When I interviewed Lee Smith on January 16, he told me that the key to understanding Obama was to realize that he is an agent of chaos. “Here’s one thing I got wrong,” he said. “I thought the purpose of destabilizing Donald Trump was simply to get rid of Donald Trump. It wasn’t. The purpose of destabilizing Donald Trump, as we now see in the Biden years, the purpose of destabilizing the United States under Donald Trump is because Barack Obama is an agent of chaos. Look at the instability he’s brought to the United States.”

This is an astute, terrifying insight! It means that the primary reason Obama installed Biden and is, so far, propping him up is to weaken the institutions and power of America and Americans. Allowing election chaos inside and outside the Democratic Party could be designed to accomplish this objective. Obama probably prefers to continue destabilizing America through a puppet president. But if he finds himself unable to stop Trump’s reelection this time, he will want to destabilize America through other means: lawfare, lawbreaking, protests, riots and worse.

It’s interesting and troubling, for example, that Barack and Michelle Obama were the executive producers of the recent film Leave the World Behind, a kind of confusion-fear-and-chaos-fest in which cyberattacks spread across the country, hundreds of driverless cars slam into each other, airliners apparently full of people smash into the same field one after another, a mushroom cloud rises over Manhattan, and a family becomes isolated, selfish and terrified of what might be the beginning of the apocalypse. Of course, a racial conflict is added, with references to 1619 and slavery, a white character making apparently racist comments, with a black character remarking, “[I]f the world falls apart, trust should not be doled out easily to anyone, especially white people.” On their bedroom wall happens to hang an infamous activist poster depicting a divided map of the United States, a listing of violent minority uprisings, and an invitation to the viewer to instigate more.

The racial divisions Barack Obama focused on, agitated and stirred up throughout his eight years in the White House could be tame compared to what he has planned for 2024 and beyond.

It is hard for non-psychopaths to understand this frame of mind, but there is evidence that Karl Marx, the author of Das Kapital and the Communist Manifesto, was also “an agent of chaos.” When he wasn’t writing outlandish economic theories on how to steal from the successful, Marx wrote satanic poetry. In his poem “The Fiddler,” he expressed a tremendous thirst for destruction: “Till heart’s bewitched, till senses reel: With Satan, I have struck my deal. He chalks the signs, beats time for me, I play the death march fast and free.” And in his poem “Feelings,” he reiterated: “Worlds I would destroy forever, since I can create no world.”

The indication is that Marx knew communism was not going to work but espoused this philosophy anyway because he knew communism was a “death march” that would destroy a world he had come to hate!

Of course, some of Marx’s followers were sincere in their belief that communism was a path to a better world. But Marx’s biographer, Robert Payne, noted that Marx himself “had the devil’s view of the world, and the devil’s malignity. Sometimes he seemed to know that he was accomplishing works of evil.”

My father agrees with Smith’s assessment that Obama is indeed an agent of chaos. In fact, he goes further in identifying Obama as an end-time type of the Satan-possessed ruler Antiochus Epiphanes. Therefore, we should expect him to be far more comfortable with the level of chaos consuming the Democratic Party than the average Democrat. If his goal is to destabilize the United States, then undermining Trump is far more important to him than supporting Biden. So prepare for civil unrest.

In Amos 7:8-9, God promises to spare the United States of America one last time so people have a chance to turn to Him. Yet if the American people refuse this chance, “the high places of Isaac shall be desolate, and the sanctuaries of Israel shall be laid waste.” Other end-time passages, such as Ezekiel 5:12, indicate that this desolation will be so complete that two thirds of the nation’s population will be killed in pestilence or war.

It’s unclear what Obama’s strategy toward Biden is, but look for more signs that his power from behind the scenes is slipping—and for him to perhaps resort to more drastic measures.

Obama may or may not be part of this final explosion of violence in America, but he has already sown the seeds of civil war in the nation. Only nationwide repentance can prevent these seeds from sprouting!

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