The Tyrants Are Terrified of Trump’s ‘Revenge’

Supporters of Republican presidential candidate, former U.S. President Donald Trump hold signs at a campaign event in Racine, Wisconsin, on June 18.
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The Tyrants Are Terrified of Trump’s ‘Revenge’

Democrats say that if the 45th president regains office, democracy will die. Is that what they are afraid of?

The radical left is terrified of Donald Trump’s coming “revenge” for their incessant political persecution. That is why these would-be tyrants are trying to put as many Republicans in jail as possible before Trump retakes the White House.

Former White House aide Peter Navarro has reported to prison for three months, and former Trump adviser Steve Bannon has been ordered to report to prison by the end of this month. Both men are guilty of the same “crime”: failing to heed a congressional subpoena from the House committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol protests. Never mind that both former Attorney General Eric Holder and Joe Biden’s son Hunter have openly bragged about doing the same thing. The radical left is going after Trump, Navarro, Bannon and anyone else with the courage to speak out against the stolen 2020 presidential election.

Democrats have aggressively targeted more than 400 Republican lawyers and politicians with criminal charges, civil lawsuits and disbarment proceedings ahead of the upcoming presidential election. This is causing some to ponder whether there will be any Republican lawyers left to ensure election integrity in November.

Navarro authored a three-part report detailing evidence of election fraud and worked with Bannon to devise a plan to get evidence of this fraud in front of Congress before Biden took the oath of office. And we see what happened to them. How many lawyers will have the courage to speak up if there are more irregularities?

One commentator noted:

The Soros-backed 65 Project has filed disbarment proceedings against more than 100 Republican lawyers, which prevent many of these lawyers from working until the proceedings are concluded. In almost every case, the charges lack merit, but they have three primary impacts: a chilling effect that discourages other Republican lawyers and politicians from helping Trump, a financial drain on the resources of Republicans who might otherwise use their funds to help elect Trump, and a time drain that physically keeps them busy during the campaign. …

Make no mistake, the Democrats are conducting a well-funded, well-organized effort to remove as many Republicans as possible from the November election process.

Two years ago, Fox News host Tucker Carlson outlined a list of “political dissidents” being targeted by the Biden administration. The list included former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, a journalist at Infowars, a journalist at Project Veritas and a cartoonist who made fun of Hillary Clinton. Many of these people were only “guilty” of raising concerns about the legitimacy of the 2020 election. Yet the Biden administration went after them, and Tucker was no doubt forced out of Fox News partially because he defended these “dissidents.”

Bannon went on Tucker’s new program, Tucker Carlson Uncensored, on June 11 and warned that the radical left wants to jail Trump as well. “They want to put Trump in jail for hundreds of years,” he said. “They want to destroy one of the greatest Americans in our country, Rudy Giuliani. They are playing smashmouth.”

He is right! The Democrats are playing smashmouth—brutal, bullying, win-at-all-costs. Shut up and accept the 2020 election or they will smash you.

The reason is plain: They cannot risk Trump returning to the White House and opening up investigations into electoral fraud.

Former Federal Bureau of Investigation Deputy Director Andrew McCabe claims many members of the intelligence community are fearful of Trump’s return, and some are even considering fleeing the country. The stakes are high! These people know they have to destroy Trump’s legal team before it is too late for them, because if he regains office, their unlawful deeds will be exposed.

Meanwhile, Hunter Biden has been convicted of lying about his drug addiction when he bought a firearm—one of the few crimes he is guilty of that doesn’t directly implicate his father. The regime media publicly mourned the conviction and praised Joe Biden as a loving father who is “the living embodiment of the rule of law.”

Yet a majority of Americans realize there is a two-tiered justice system in the country—one for those in Washington, D.C., and one for the rest of America. The justice system is covering up Biden family money laundering while prosecuting hundreds of Republicans for examining the evidence for election theft. No wonder McCabe and other top Justice Department officials are worried about Donald Trump’s revenge.

Bannon still has a couple weeks before he is supposed to report to prison, but that’s not stopping him from naming names. Speaking at a Turning Point Action convention on June 16, Bannon said:

We’re coming after Lisa Monaco, Merrick Garland, the senior members of [Department of Justice] that are prosecuting President Trump, Jack Smith. And this is not about vengeance. This is not about revenge. This is not about retribution. This is about saving this republic! We’re going to use the Constitution and the rule of law to go after you and hold you accountable.

That’s a bold statement! Yet Bible prophecy indicates that Trump will return to office and that he will use the rule of law to hold people accountable.

In his article “Why I Still Believe Donald Trump Is Coming Back,” my father, Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry, wrote that Bible prophecy reveals Donald Trump is actually an end-time type of King Jeroboam ii of ancient Israel. He also explained a Bible prophecy, to be fulfilled in the time of Jeroboam, in which God promises to temporarily save America from the radical forces trying to destroy it.

Amos 7:8 states, “And the Lord said unto me, Amos, what seest thou? And I said, A plumbline. Then said the Lord, Behold, I will set a plumbline in the midst of my people Israel: I will not again pass by them any more.” God warns that, because of our sins, He will measure out the destruction of America and other nations that descended from ancient Israel.

“We have been watching this prophecy since June 1990, in the second issue of the Trumpet we ever produced,” Mr. Flurry wrote. “It speaks of a time when God is preparing to measure the destruction of end-time Israel—the United States and Britain—and He says, ‘I will not again pass by them any more’ (verse 8). This is just before severe correction comes on these nations if they don’t repent. They are receiving their final warning. … So the entire context of God saying I will not again pass by them anymore is the time of ‘Jeroboam’—an end-time antitype of King Jeroboam ii of Israel ….”

My father has recently emphasized that Amos 7 begins by prophesying the two presidential terms of Barack Obama. Treason against America permeated his eight years in office, his attempt to help stop Trump from being elected, “deep state” subversion even after President Trump took office, stealing the 2020 election from the American people, and almost a year of pushing an even more radical agenda, still underway. As shown in Amos, God twice spared America from destruction. He saved it “by the hand of Jeroboam,” and that leader will have to “war” in some way to return to power (2 Kings 14:27-28).

These prophecies are why the Trumpet continues to assert that President Trump will return to power. We do not know exactly how this will unfold, but there is a real chance that nation-shaking fraud will be exposed long before the next election!