Ryan Malone

The renowned guitarists of the Romero family have a secret to their success that families the world over would do well to mimic.

Does putting a heavy emphasis on prophecy cause a Christian to miss out on vital instruction for personal growth and character development?

Eternal lessons you and your children can learn

Is there even such a thing as evil music? If so, how can we train our senses to discern good from bad?

What the World Tomorrow will be like—and WHY it will be that way.

A lesson from America’s most popular television show

A colossal, historic empire is about ready to stand on its own two feet.

Look at East Asia. Few in the West are; but it is a budding area—ready for change, ripe for unification.

The UN’s failures at peace were prophesied since its inception. Here’s the “peacekeeping” power that will fill its shoes.

A lesson from America’s most popular television show.

Europhiles expect the election of Romano Prodi as Italy’s new prime minister to help energize the EU.

The very idea of a Stalinist regime going ballistic is enough to transform the politics of a continent.

Russia’s state-owned gas monopoly is on the attack. Just how powerful is the former empire becoming?

Russia’s state-owned gas monopoly has expressed interest in buying Centrica, Britain’s biggest energy supplier.

A lesson in taking a lesson.

What it takes for God to bring such destruction

The global order of nations will change dramatically over the next few years. This will lead to the darkest period in the history of man—what the Bible calls the “times of the Gentiles.”

Meet the three contenders.

Was Germany really to blame?

The French and Dutch rejections of the EU constitution—and the fuss over the treaty coming from other EU nations—is Bible prophecy coming alive! The countries causing the most trouble are identified in the Bible as being “clay” mixed with iron—making Europe “partly strong and partly brittle.”

In April, Russia and Germany took their partnership to a new level. In May, the EU and Russia boosted their cooperation as well. What does this warming relationship mean for the world?

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