Philadelphia Trumpet  •  October-November 2012  •  Volume 23, No. 9
  • From the Editor
    Egypt Unites With Iran 
and Fulfills a Bible Prophecy
    The first part of our prophecy about Egypt has now been fulfilled!
  • World
    A New 
    Egypt has transformed into a radical Islamist state. 
What will be the consequences? 
  • Will the World End? In December?
  • Departments
  • Etc.
    7 Challenges Facing the Next President
    Regardless of who wins the November election, 
The state of America’s economy means he will face 
some brutal decisions. 
  • Science
    There’s Intelligent Life Alright!
    Curiosity, NASA’s miraculous Mars rover, has already revealed a remarkable discovery. 
  • Archeology
    What’s the Trumpet Doing in Jerusalem?
    The Trumpet’s publisher has 21 personnel in the Holy City digging, taping, writing and publishing—why?
  • Bible
    Why Most People 
Don’t Understand Bible Prophecy
    Are you also missing out because you have yet to discover this eye-opening fact? 
  • Departments
    Principles of Living
    Spend Your Time Wisely
    How to coax a much higher yield from your most precious commodity.
  • Increase Your Bible IQ
    What Is Real Repentance?
    The Philadelphia Trumpet, in conjunction with the Herbert W. Armstrong College Bible Correspondence Course, presents this brief excursion into the fascinating study of the Bible. Simply turn to and read in your Bible each verse given in answer to the questions. You will be amazed at the new understanding gained from this short study!
  • Commentary
    A Real 
    It’s a rare species of humankind, 
currently bordering on extinction.