September 1, 2016

Love can be expressed in smiles, kind words and deeds, hugs, cuddles and gifts. But did you know that, at times, it can also be expressed in confrontation and conflict? It can according to wise King Solomon.

August 1, 2016  •  # $
How to sharpen your mind and improve your quality of life
August 1, 2016  •  # $

How well do you know yourself? Not just your desires or interests—how well do you understand how and why you think your particular thoughts? What makes you do what you do?

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June 28, 2016  •  # $
The state of your property reflects the state of your character.
June 28, 2016  •  # $
A Muslim jihadi mass shooting proves the imminent threat of … Christians?
June 13, 2016  •  # $
Newly declassified U.S. government documents shed light on some painful lessons from the Iranian Revolution in 1979—lessons that the recent nuclear deal shows we have forgotten.
May 23, 2016  •  # $
The #NeverTrump and #NeverHillary campaigns actually point to a promising lesson.
April 1, 2016  •  # $
On June 23, the people of Britain will vote on whether or not the United Kingdom should remain in the European Union.