Microsoft Invests in Artificial Intelligence, and Germany

Microsoft plans to spend $3.4 billion in Germany by next year to double its artificial intelligence and cloud capacities and train more than 1.2 million people in digital skills. This is Microsoft’s largest-ever investment in Germany.

Brad Smith, vice chair and president of Microsoft, said, “We want to enable the German economy to benefit from AI in order to continue to expand its global leadership in competitiveness.”

AI is reshaping several key economic sectors worldwide—and investors are throwing enormous sums of money into the rapidly developing technology.

Germany just surpassed Japan to become the world’s third-largest economy after the U.S. and China, and is well positioned to benefit substantially from the AI revolution. It already ranks second worldwide in its companies using AI—and it is working rapidly to harness AI for military applications.

Germany is a mighty and growing industrial power poised to realize the tremendous promise that AI is proving capable of. This huge investment from Microsoft will accelerate Germany’s development.

This is a trend worth watching, particularly in light of biblical prophecies of America being blindsided by German military technology.

You can read about this in Gerald Flurry’s recent Trumpet article “The Unknown Future of Artificial Intelligence.”