China Helps Russia Develop Lethal Drones for War on Ukraine

Chinese companies are helping Russian firms develop attack drones for use in the war against Ukraine, Bloomberg reported on July 3.

  • Russia has used thousands of Iran-made Shahed suicide drones in its war against Ukraine.
  • China is capable of producing such drones far faster than Iran and likely at a lower cost.
  • The Chinese plan is to produce drones similar to the Shahed in conjunction with Russia.

Disturbing pattern: China has also provided Russia with satellite imagery for military use, as well as significant quantities of militarily useful semiconductors, ball bearings, trucks, excavators and machine tools for tanks.

China takes every effort, every chance it can get to argue that somehow it’s a neutral player in this war in Ukraine, but in reality the [People’s Republic of China] is providing a long list of dual-use components, things like machine tools and microelectronics that are enabling Russia to pursue this war of aggression in Ukraine.
—Julianne Smith, United States ambassador to nato

In previous cases, China has managed to avoid explicitly violating Western sanctions that outlaw providing Russia with lethal aid. But the new drone plan is “a sign that Beijing may be edging closer to providing the sort of lethal aid that Western officials have warned against,” Bloomberg wrote.

If China becomes ensnared in economic sanctions, it could present serious financial complications to the nation.

Asian axis: China’s willingness to increasingly aid Russia’s war effort despite major risks should not surprise us. Bible prophecy warns that Russia and China will become full military allies in the near future and form the largest army the world has ever seen.

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