Russia’s Medvedev Threatens West With Nuclear War

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev warned on May 31 that Moscow is not bluffing when it says it may use nuclear weapons against Ukraine to offset Western aid and tip the scales of the war more into Russia’s favor.

The current military conflict with the West is developing according to the worst possible scenario. Ukraine and its nato allies will receive a response of such destructive force that the Alliance itself simply will not be able to resist being drawn into the conflict.
—Dmitry Medvedev

Medvedev was a puppet president under Vladmir Putin from 2008 to 2012, which allowed Putin to maintain de facto rule of Russia despite constitutional term limits. He remains a close ally of Putin and is now deputy chairman of Putin’s powerful security council.

The explosive comments come days after several Western nations, including the United States, gave Ukraine permission to use certain weaponry they supplied to hit targets inside Russian territory. Medvedev’s rhetoric is meant to frighten the West into curtailing its support of Ukraine in the war.

More threats: Just three days earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin hinted at attacking unnamed “densely populated” European nations as retribution for their assistance to Ukraine.

In Europe, especially in small countries, they should realize what they are playing with. They should remember that they are countries with small, densely populated territories. … This is a factor they should keep in mind before talking about striking Russia.
—Vladimir Putin

Trumpet forecast: Many are currently focused on rising frictions between Russia and the U.S. as a result of this war. But the more important power to watch for a reaction to Russia’s belligerence and nuclear threats is Europe.

In 2014, after Russia had forcibly annexed Crimea from Ukraine, Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote:

We have been prophesying for around 70 years that Eastern Europe would become a vital part of a new European superpower—a resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire. … The fear you see in Europe because of events in Crimea is going to cause 10 leaders in Europe to unite in a sudden and dramatic way—and in precise accordance with the Bible’s description of that European empire! … Europe’s new fear of Russia is going to play a major role in hastening the fulfillment of that prophecy!

Whether or not Russia makes good on its threats to use nuclear weapons, it is vital to watch Europe’s response to its increasing aggression and threats. Many Europeans—particularly in the eastern part of the Continent—have been deeply shaken by the war, and their fear is beginning to transform Europe.

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