Mihailo S. Zekic

Why elections in Slovakia matter for the rest of the world.

Iran is looking for something. The question is what.

The United Nations has come full circle.

How far will Israel trust the Gulf state?

Terrorism from Yemen will have far-reaching consequences.

Iranian human rights activists win prestigious awards—but the government has won the war against them.

These murderers have ample outside support.

The current terror war shows why the peace process was doomed from the start.

And why the world should be more afraid of Iran than ever

While the world focuses on Gaza, don’t ignore Lebanon.

Who is Israel’s Osama bin Laden?

Netanyahu: ‘We are at war. Not in an operation, but at war.’ Khamenei: ‘Today, [Israel] is coming to an end.’

Don’t ignore the chaos in Sudan.

What will change Europe from Jimmy Carter to Ronald Reagan?

Who is pulling the strings to pull down Benjamin Netanyahu?

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