‘New’ Proposal to End Israel-Hamas War

The United States, Egypt and Qatar have formed what the Wall Street Journal on January 21 called a “new proposal” to end the Israel-Hamas war. In exchange for getting its hostages back, Israel is asked to disengage from Gaza, release hundreds of Arab prisoners, agree to a permanent ceasefire, and work toward a two-state solution.

The plan apparently doesn’t call for Hamas to disarm and leaves it as the governing authorities of the Gaza Strip. This plan would essentially give Hamas everything it had prior to October 7—with new international legitimacy.

The U.S. claims to be Israel’s biggest ally. But this peace plan would all but guarantee Gaza remains a radical Islamist theocracy stuck in Israel’s side, ready for round two of war.

This seems illogical. But it’s an extension of the policies of Barack Obama, who still holds enormous sway in Washington.

Trumpet executive editor Stephen Flurry wrote in “Betraying Israel in Its Hour of Need” that the U.S. wants Israel to “live side-by-side in peace with Hamas and the Palestinians. But the Bible reveals that America ‘shall be against Judah’ in the end time; Obama is against Judah and has been drastically reorienting U.S. foreign policy in favor of the Palestinians and Iran.”

The latest so-called peace deal reflects this. And we shouldn’t expect this to be the last push in this direction.