Israel–Lebanon Peace Plan?

Israeli officials told Axios that Israel and Lebanon’s terrorist militia Hezbollah have reached an informal agreement, according to a February 6 article. According to officials, Hezbollah would remove all of its forces 5 to 6 miles away from the border. This falls short of Israel’s demand per a United Nations resolution for Hezbollah to withdraw past the Litani River further north.

Israel will apparently reciprocate and remove some of the reservists it has stationed in the north.

The United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Italy are reportedly involved in mediation.

Since the start of the Israel-Hamas war, Hezbollah has skirmished with the Israel Defense Forces along the northern border in a show of support with its fellow Iranian proxy. Hezbollah is significantly better-armed than Hamas, and Israel worries that as long as it is in Lebanon, northern Israel will be vulnerable to invasion and massacre.

This deal may diffuse some tensions in the immediate term. But Hezbollah still rules Lebanon and is still committed to Israel’s destruction. The core causes of the tensions are still there. And with Israel having a new determination to take the battle to the Islamists, war in Lebanon remains a real possibility.