Hamas Intelligence Center Discovered Under UNRWA HQ in Gaza

Israel’s advance into Gaza is providing the outside world with a look into the inner workings of what was a secretive totalitarian Islamist state.

One of these, as reported Saturday, was the discovery of a Hamas intelligence center found under the headquarters of the United Nations Gaza agency. This follows Israel’s claim that 12 United Nations Relief and Works Agency (unrwa) employees took part in Hamas’s October 7 massacre.

The complex is made up of what the Wall Street Journal called “a warren of tunnels and subterranean chambers carved from the Gaza Strip’s sandy soil.” The compound reportedly was siphoning off UN electricity and was used for intelligence gathering, with its computers currently being studied by the Israel Defense Forces. The idf also announced Saturday the discovery of large amounts of weapons, including explosives, in the unrwa complex.

It has been common knowledge for years that Hamas has used UN facilities for weapons storage and other purposes. But more and more evidence shows the extent of this “hiding behind the UN” to be bigger than many realized.

It is unlikely the UN wasn’t aware that Hamas was taking advantage of its infrastructure for years. At the very least, this makes the UN passively complicit in Hamas’s operations.