Trump Indicted for Contesting 2020 Election

Former President Donald Trump was indicted by a D.C. grand jury on Tuesday for his claims that the 2020 election was stolen. He was charged on four criminal counts:

  • Conspiracy to defraud the United States
  • Conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding
  • Obstruction of, and attempt to obstruct, an official proceeding
  • Conspiracy against rights.

The 45-page indictment accuses Trump of “spread[ing] lies” that the 2020 election results were fraudulent and then “pursuing unlawful means” to stay in power. It follows a letter from Special Counsel Jack Smith to Trump last month informing him that he was a target in the Jan. 6, 2021, probe.

Stolen election: Evidence that the 2020 election was stolen is overwhelming. Mail-in ballots opened the way for election theft. State recounts, video footage of people stuffing ballot boxes, and manipulated voting machines expose the widespread fraud. People are censored for even bringing it up. Yet Trump is accused of knowingly making false claims that the election was stolen.

This is a radically different tone from a few years ago when Democrats accused Trump of Russian interference in the 2016 election. If contesting election results is an indictable offense, a slew of Democrats should have been indicted seven years ago.

Insurrection hoax: What happened on Jan. 6, 2021, was not an “armed insurrection,” despite media narrative. The only real casualty that day was a Trump supporter shot by a police officer. Before the rally, Trump told protesters to “peacefully and patriotically” make their voices heard.

In Jack Smith’s unsealing of the indictment yesterday, he strongly emphasized events on January 6. Oddly enough, the actual indictment doesn’t charge Trump for inciting an insurrection or seditious conspiracy. Why mention this “unprecedented assault on the seat of American democracy,” as Smith called it, if Trump is not being charged with it? Why not charge him for it if it was an attack on democracy?

There is no real crime here. Trump was acquitted by the Senate in a two-thirds majority in 2021 for January 6 charges of “incitement of insurrection.” The insurrection hoax was concocted by the radical left as a cover-up for the election steal.

Election interference: On his TruthSocial platform, Donald Trump questioned the timing of this indictment: the day after Hunter Biden’s former business partner testifies on the Biden bribe scheme.

Trump is leading in the Republican primary by a landslide. As of yesterday, President Trump was polling at 53.4 percent, while the runner-up, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, has dropped to 15.6 percent.

A trial is set for May 20, 2024, less than six months before Election Day. Indicting Trump now not only distracts from the Biden crime family, it also hurts his presidential campaign.

War on Trump: The left is doing everything in its power to “get Trump.” They won’t be able to: The Bible prophesies that Trump will return to office.

2 Kings 14:26-28 reveal God will use an end-time Jeroboam to save Israel temporarily. In his article “Ready for War,” Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote:

Satan wants to destroy America. And sadly, he is doing a terribly effective job. But God is not going to allow that. He will save Israel, temporarily. How? “By the hand of Jeroboam.” Anciently He did so through King Jeroboam ii. Prophetically, that is the role Mr. Trump is going to play. This has not happened yet to the extent that it will. Trump must return to the presidency to fulfill this job.

Despite left-wing attempts to thwart him, Trump will return to power. To prove these claims for yourself, request a free copy of America Under Attack.