The Most Important Coverage of 2020

The Most Important Coverage of 2020

Articles from editor in chief Gerald Flurry are the most important content we produce at the Trumpet. They’re the articles that we, as writers, build our own coverage around.

As 2020 draws to a close, I went back over everything Mr. Flurry produced this year. It’s a lot of content—185 pages worth.

These articles give a great perspective on what has happened in 2020 and on what to look for in 2021. I thought it was remarkable how unique these articles were. Right at the heart of every one was analysis you’re never going to find from any other news source.

So, as 2020 draws to a close, I want to share seven lessons we can draw from Mr. Flurry’s coverage of 2020.

1) Understand the spiritual dimension of American politics.

This was the subject Mr. Flurry returned to most frequently. “Something deadly dangerous has seized the country—far more than people realize,” he wrote in the September issue. “There is a spiritual dimension to what is happening, and you cannot understand these events unless you recognize that. We must know our enemy to understand what is happening in America” (emphasis added).

What the Bible reveals about this spiritual dimension enabled Mr. Flurry to forecast so much of the news events that dominate our headlines right now. Here’s what he wrote “Treason in America and Britain”:

Are America’s elections free and fair? I am writing this about two months before the United States holds its 2020 presidential election, and a lot of evidence is exposing efforts to rig the election. This is a serious crime that undermines our constitutional republic!

Many politicians, press and media personalities dismiss accusations that the Democrats are trying to steal the election. But more and more evidence proves that they tried to steal the election in 2016. To believe they wouldn’t do so again is folly.

With that background, what we’re seeing now shouldn’t surprise us.

This spiritual background is critical to understanding one of the boldest forecasts Mr. Flurry made this year: “Why Donald Trump Will Remain America’s President.”

God has a plan for America, and that plan informs our forecast for what happens next.

But there is also a devil who hates that plan and is working against it. That was the subject of several of Mr. Flurry’s articles:

Other articles focused on how flawed crucial elements of American society have become:

If I had to point you to just one article to catch you up on this all-important spiritual aspect, I would recommend one of Mr. Flurry’s latest pieces: “Barack Obama in Bible Prophecy.” It will show you how one man is behind this election crisis. And it will also take you through all the scriptures that prophesied this would happen. It will give you a great foundation to understand U.S. politics as we head into 2021.

2) Hold on to your history.

“How much do Americans understand their own history?” asked Mr. Flurry in “The Rise and Fall of Theodore Roosevelt—and America.” “We are called the world’s greatest superpower ever! But how did we rise to such heights? Most Americans are ignorant of how it happened. And that ignorance places us in grave danger!”

This year we’ve seen riots and destruction; buildings, cars, even people have been attacked. And increasingly, American and British history have been a top target.

Mr. Flurry wrote about these riots in his article “Race Riots Were Prophesied!” He warned, “Neither side is going to win the coming civil war. People on both sides may think they will win, but none will!”

In response, I don’t think we’ve ever written so much about history.

While rioters were tearing down statues, Mr. Flurry pointed to them as the solution to our problems. President Abraham Lincoln viewed any destruction of these kind of monuments as “desecration.”

“The word desecrate means to destroy the sacredness,” wrote Mr. Flurry in his article “Lincoln’s View on Tearing Down Sacred Statues.” “Many of these statues and memorials really are sacred because they bring God into the picture. Is there a godlier example of a U.S. president than Abraham Lincoln? So could this desecration of statues be anti-God? We need to think seriously about this; physically, what could be more serious for our nation?”

That’s not a perspective you’ll find anywhere else. If there’s one theme of our coverage on this subject this year, it is that our history points us to God. This comes through loud and clear in Mr. Flurry’s articles “History Is a Path to Understanding Bible Prophecy” and “Prophecy Is Proof of God.” Study the history of the Bible, Mr. Flurry writes, and you’re really studying prophecy.

In a similar vein, “An Astonishing Archaeological Discovery Is Imminent!” shows how history confirms the Bible. Archaeology from Israel shows us how accurate the Bible is. It shows you that characters mentioned in the Bible lived when the Bible said they did. The Bible is not some elaborate forgery. And this article points to some dramatic archaeological evidence that will be discovered very soon.

Winston Churchill featured strongly in Mr. Flurry’s coverage of this subject. “Churchill’s Final Warning” shows how the great war leader warned that man could soon wipe himself out. And “The Glory of Empire” explains what motivated this man to rise to such great heights.

If I had to point you to just one article on this subject, I’d recommend “The Modern Interpretation of History.” It begins:

Our history shapes our present and our future. How have we come to such a miserable, hateful, grossly inaccurate perspective on even our own history? And what does this mean for our future?

The answer is found in historians’ fundamental method. Whatever else they may disagree on, they agree that human history has not been shaped by God. …

This is the problem with so much modern history: Historians appoint themselves as interpreters and judges, and they ignore or remove any facts they deem inconvenient.

3) Watch Jerusalem.

President Trump’s peace plans have been a big feature of 2020—though largely ignored by the news media. But there’s a critical angle that even those on the right don’t know.

State after state have recognized Israel. “We all want peace,” wrote Mr. Flurry in “Deadly Flaw in Mideast Peace Deals.” “But sadly, these recent peace pacts have a deadly flaw. Biblical prophecy gives us deep insight into these agreements. It actually foretells that moderate Arabs will unite, somewhat like we are now seeing. But they are prophesied not to cooperate with the United States or Israel!”

Bible prophecy tells us these nations will betray the nation of Israel and America.

Mr. Flurry’s article “Why We Told You to Watch Lebanon” focused on one of those changes. Six years ago, he wrote a piece titled “Why You Need to Watch Lebanon” based on those same prophecies that say these Arab nations will betray Israel. Those prophecies imply that Lebanon will not be allied with Iran. Yet throughout recent history it has been. That article forecast some big changes. This year we saw a big change—in the form of one of the largest non-nuclear explosions man has ever created.

Will the Trump Peace Plan Bring Peace to Israel?” explains why man’s repeated attempts to bring peace to the Middle East have consistently failed.

For a prophetic overview of the whole region, I recommend reading “Deadly Flaw in Mideast Peace Deals.”

4) Watch China.

“America doesn’t just have divisions within, it also has powerful enemies without!” wrote Mr. Flurry. “Vicious nations have been waiting for decades and decades for something like this to happen to America! They want to destroy—not just windows and monuments, but this entire nation!”

One of the most threatening of these hostile powers is China. In “Where Is the China-America Clash Leading?” Mr Flurry did something too few in the media have done—looked back at where the coronavirus came from.

“China has lied, buried the truth, and refused to let experts in to examine evidence, all the while hoarding medical supplies,” he wrote. “Everyone knows China is covering something up! China caused the plague! This is brazen aggression. This is on the level of an act of war!”

He also described China’s dangerous takeover of sea gates. That’s a theme he returned to with his most recent article “China’s Most Dangerous Maneuver Ever Against America.” It’s one of the feature articles in our latest Trumpet print issue, and the one I’d recommend to catch up on the subject.

5) Watch Germany.

This may be one of the most unusual numbers on the list. You can find people concerned about U.S. politics and China, but who is worried about Europe and Germany?

Yet this story has a critical connection with problems in American politics. “The whole story in biblical prophecy shows that Satan has a three-pronged attack after he is cast down,” wrote Mr. Flurry. “First, he attacks God’s Church, spiritual Israel. Second, he attacks the nations of Israel, especially the United States, the lead nation. Third, he works through the Holy Roman Empire and destroys these nations in the Great Tribulation.”

Mr. Flurry began the year hitting this story. One of his first articles was “Guttenberg Prods Europe to Unite.” His cover article on the January 2020 issue was “Is KT zu Guttenberg About to Come to Power?” In the March issue he wrote “France Is Resurrecting the Holy Roman Empire.”

As covid-19 dominated the news, Mr. Flurry published a perspective you’ll see nowhere else in an article titled “Coronavirus and the Holy Roman Empire”:

The Bible says 10 kings will rise in Europe in this end time, led by one overarching strongman. These kings will form the Holy Roman Empire.

The coronavirus pandemic is helping usher in these 10 kings!

We need to be thinking about these prophesied kings, who are rising now. As a result of the recent crisis, various European leaders have taken dictatorial measures.

He went on to explain that Europe was reacting to covid in ways that tie directly in with Bible prophecy. Europe is storing up a massive financial crisis for the future and this could be the biggest story of 2021. So “Coronavirus and the Holy Roman Empire” is easily my top recommendation for this section.

6) Keep hope alive.

Hope shines through every single one of Mr. Flurry’s articles—because they show how God is still in control. Many of them don’t talk about problems only, but solutions—solutions that would fix our nations, but also solutions that you can apply individually, in your own life or family.

Many of his articles could fit into this category. “Coronavirus and Other Modern Plagues in Prophecy” shows how God is in control of all the dramatic events this year. “The Mystery of the Church” explains why God’s true Church exists. Most don’t understand—but when you truly see the Church’s purpose, it contains a great hope for all mankind.

In “A New Government Is Coming!” Mr. Flurry wrote:

Are you tired of bad news? Many terrible curses are hitting our nations all at once. We are feeling the sickness of covid-19, the isolation of social distancing and lockdowns, the financial crunch of lost jobs and reduced economic activity, the shock over abolished freedoms, the pain of cities burning, the bitterness of racial and political divisions. And as a result, we are also suffering more depression, anxiety, fear, despair and hopelessness.

Yet as terrible and shattering as these problems are, they contain the seed of extraordinary hope!

The article explains how Jesus Christ came with a practical message: There is a new government coming that will solve all these problems confronting us. The Kingdom of God is not a nebulous concept; it’s a real, literal kingdom that will soon rule the Earth.

The Climax of Man’s Rule Over Man” makes a similar point, showing in detail how man’s governments have failed and how desperately we need a new one.

Of all this content Mr. Flurry has produced this year, what would I recommend you read? The answer is my final point.

7. Read Mr. Flurry’s new booklet.

There’s a lot of people very excited about 2021. 2020 was a horrible year; now we can draw a line under it, and it will be done. Everything will be better in 2021, they think. That’s where they’ve invested their hope.

You need to realize that may not happen. There may be a resurgence—a temporary saving of America. But the general trend is that times will become more intense, more dramatic.

What happens if 2021 is a horrible year? Or 2022? What can you hope for then?

Mr. Flurry’s new booklet The Eternal Has Chosen Jerusalem gives you a sure foundation for that hope. If you’ve had a bleak 2020, it is the book you need. The hope it contains will survive any bad year and any bad news.