Philadelphia Trumpet  •  May 2007  •  Volume 18, No. 5
  • World
    Get Ready for Pope TV
  • From the Editor
    Anglicans Submitting to the Pope
  • Prodi Bows to Vatican Pressure
    Soon, all Europe will do the same.
  • World
    Should America Ally With Arabs Against Iran?
    America isn’t the only nation seeking to contain Iran. But there is a danger in thinking that mutual mistrust would make a solid foundation for a dependable alliance.
  • Peace Through Diplomacy: Can It Work?
    America is beginning to engage its enemies diplomatically. Will this approach be effective? Can diplomacy secure lasting global peace?
  • American Lawyers: Terrorists’ Weapons
    A stealth battlefront in the “war on terror”
  • Society
    Universal Prosperity: Is It Possible?
    Taken from the October 1984 Plain Truth.
  • Living
    The Stranger in Your Home
    Is this huckster hurting you and your family?
  • Society
    Generation Me
    How can young people overcome their unparalleled selfishness?
  • Behind The Work
    Preparing Jerusalem for Its King
    With hands-on help from Herbert W. Armstrong College students, 3,000 years of buried history is coming to life in Jerusalem. God is, even now, preparing the very spot from which Jesus Christ will rule the world during the Millennium.
  • World
    European Energy: Role Reversal
    Former energy giant Britain is having to seek its juice elsewhere. Meanwhile, Germany is quietly becoming Europe’s new energy hub.
  • Religion
    Discard (Part 8)
    In his book Raising the Ruins, now available in bookstores, Trumpet executive editor Stephen Flurry exposes the reality of what happened to the Worldwide Church of God. Here is the eighth chapter.
  • Living
    Successful Single Parenting
    For one person to fill the role of two parents is a daunting and monumental task. But here’s how to face the challenge and succeed!