Philadelphia Trumpet  •  June 2003  •  Volume 14, No. 5
  • Cover Story
    Prophecy Comes Alive in Iraq!
    From the Trumpet’s earliest editions, our editor in chief has focused readers’ attention on specific prophecies about Iran and the Middle East. The Iraq War has shown us how these may be fulfilled.
  • Is Iraq About to Fall to Iran?
    This headline first appeared in the Trumpet in December 1994. Recent events make this even more of a possibility.
  • Out of Chaos, Opportunity
    Defeating Iraq was one thing, rebuilding it is another. America is stretched thin, and “old Europe” knows it.
  • Behind the “Peace” Movement
  • The Polish Connection
    Behind the news on Iraq: Thanks to Poland’s imminent entry into the European Union, the EU will gain a presence but a step from its coveted icon—Jerusalem!
  • The Iraq Campaign and American Hypocrisy
  • Weakness in Victory
    America seems unprecedentedly strong. Is it possible that the nation is actually under a curse of weakness?
  • Articles
    The Burden of John Q. Consumer
    Will America’s success in Iraq translate into economic stability? When looking at what props up the world economy, the answer is clear.
  • The Way of Debt
    Living beyond your means is a form of slavery. Here’s a guide to taking control and finding financial freedom.
  • SARS and Rumors of SARS
    The significance of the outbreak goes far beyond the media hype or the health implications: Its impacts will be economic, political—even prophetic.
  • Australia the Blessed … Australia the Cursed
  • Departments
    From the Editor
    The Dream That Was Raised From the Ruins
  • Commentary
    The Hope of the Iraqi People
    Regime change is the answer. But not as most may think!