Philadelphia Trumpet  •  August 2012  •  Volume 23, No. 7
  • World
    London: Look Beyond the Olympic Lights
    England’s majestic capital isn’t what it seems.
  • The Glory of Empire
    Britain is ashamed of its imperial past. It shouldn’t be. The right kind of empire has a noble and powerful impact on this world!
  • Queen of the World
    The spiritual reality behind Elizabeth II and her Diamond Jubilee.
  • Departments
    From the Editor
    Watch Jerusalem!
    If you follow just one major news trend, make sure it is what is unfolding in this pivotal city.
  • World
    The Great Mart
    Putting a warming relationship in prophetic context
  • In Drones We Trust
    Waging war from 50,000 feet by remote control is cleaner—but does it make us safer?
  • Etc.
    Sucked Under by That College Degree
    Swamped in debt and jobless, more and more graduates say college is the worst money they ever spent. This is a problem with clear causes—and at least one possible solution.
  • Living
    In Praise of the Slow Read
    In an age of tweets, texts and shortened attention spans, here’s how to bring focus and depth back into your reading.
  • Departments
  • Principles of Living
    So You Want to Understand the Bible?
    Here’s what you can do!
  • Increase Your Bible IQ
    What It Means to Be ‘Born Again’
    The Philadelphia Trumpet, in conjunction with the Herbert W. Armstrong College Bible Correspondence Course, presents this brief excursion into the fascinating study of the Bible. Simply turn to and read in your Bible each verse given in answer to the questions. You will be amazed at the new understanding gained from this short study!
  • Commentary
    Bath Salts Do Not Turn People Into Flesh-Eating Zombies
    Do you recognize demon possession when you see it?