Philadelphia Trumpet  •  July 1999  •  Volume 10, No. 6
  • Cover Story
    Protect Your Children
    After a series of school shootings, frightened parents are asking, “What can we do to protect our children?” The violence-fixated cultural landscape of America is not going to change. That means families must protect themselves. Here is a place to start.
  • Principles of Living: Best of Both Worlds
    Finding time to read in the Information Age
  • The Experts Are Wrong
    How they are miseducating you about kids killing kids
  • Departments
    From the Editor
    Television: The Dangerous Decline of World News
  • Articles
    Return of The Old World Order (Part 1)
    Over the past decade, following cessation of the cold war era, many touted the rise of a “New World Order.” But events this year have revealed something quite different:
  • Ready to Explode?
    June 2, Nelson Mandela stepped down from power in South Africa, after five years of failing to deliver on his promises to this post-apartheid nation. What happens if the new president, Thabo Mbeki, can’t succeed where Mandela failed? Is South Africa ready to explode?
  • Watch Palestine!
    The centuries-long dispute over the most prized real-estate on this earth is about to end.
  • Frankenstein Revisited
    Embryologists are forging ahead in ethically murky territory with nothing to guide them but their own curiosity.
  • Crisis at Valley Forge
    This event demonstrated that in times of extreme violence and crisis, strong leadership, strong families, and a strong moral fiber are necessary.
  • Departments
    A Brave New World
    One day, the violence will end!
  • Viewpoint: Going the Way of Rome
    Is America headed the same way the “invincible” empire was headed centuries ago?