Philadelphia Trumpet  •  June 1999  •  Volume 10, No. 5
  • Cover Story
    Dangerous New World: Who Will Fill The Power Void?
  • Divided We Fall
    things fall apart: In the long history of Britain and the relatively short history of the American nation, governments have come and gone with regularity. Yet, never in their post Cold-War histories have they faced such bitter division within their elected governing bodies as over the Kosovo crisis. Why? And where is it all leading?
  • Flower-Power War
    Yesterday’s doves fly off to war
  • The Fourth Reich in Disguise
    Behind the scenes: If Americans and Britons knew what was happening inside Germany, they would be shocked. If they knew what was happening inside the Vatican, they would be even more shocked. It’s time to remove the disguise!
  • Feeding The Dragon
    Irresponsible behavior: How America has catapulted China to center stage. And why.
  • Departments
    From the Editor
    America’s Achilles’ Heel
  • Commentary
    The Wake of a Storm
    What can we learn from killer weather disasters?