Philadelphia Trumpet  •  March 2010  •  Volume 21, No. 3
  • World
    One More Nation to Build
    The U.S. takes on yet another impossible task.
  • Departments
    From the Editor
    Our Educators Have a Dangerous Contempt for Authority
    (Unless it’s their own.)
  • WorldWatch
  • SocietyWatch
  • Commentary
    The System
    Its beauty lies in its simplicity. 
  • World
    Six Minutes to Midnight
    The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists says mankind has bought itself some time.
  • A Void at Germany’s Helm
    Confusion in the government is creating a leadership vacuum at a time of crisis. 
  • Was Pope Pius XII Pious?
    Only if you ignore what he did, Vatican says. 
  • How Russia Is About to Change the World
    In a remote corner of the globe, a port bristles with cranes, smokestacks, mammoth ships—and trouble for Europe.
  • Keep an Eye on the Balkans
    Trouble could be brewing.
  • Here Europe—Feel Free to Spy on Us
    The White House signs away its internal security to the EU. 
  • Economy
    The Detroitification of America
    Like a forgotten downtown billboard, Detroit proclaims a warning about the rest of America for any who will stop and look.
  • Living
    Give, and Your Heart Will Follow
    A law that can change your relationships 
  • Religion
    Why God Didn’t Stop the Haiti Quake
  • When Was Christ Crucified and Resurrected?
    Here is the only sign Jesus gave to prove He was the Messiah.