J. Tim Thompson

The Stench of Deception

On a banner outside its Texas headquarters, Enron Corp. boasted to be “the world’s leading company”—just as America brags about being the world’s leading country. Things change. Is Enron’s sudden flameout a type of the prophesied economic collapse of America?

The September 11 attacks severely damaged not only the American economy, but also the global economic structure.

Is a turnaround in sight for world economies? What can we expect next? America, Japan or Europe: Your Bible says one is destined to lead the way out of this global financial slowdown. Who will it be?

The Bible truth about resurrection is the missing dimension and key to understanding how a God of love can be in favor of a death penalty.

How could a loving God advocate capital punishment?

How to protect your child from life’s dangers

To some people, children are targets or simply nameless, faceless objects to be exploited physically, mentally, sexually or economically. How can this be prevented? And why doesn’t God stop it?

How can the “very religious” be so violent?

Debt is the Achilles heel in today’s high-flying American economy. Vast wealth is being accumulated on a crumbling foundation of massive debt. What will happen when the economy slows down? How will that debt be repaid?

Despite an eight-year economic boom in America, personal bankruptcy filings for the last three years have hit record highs. Experts predict that by 2002, the U.S. will see a 43 percent increase to the astounding level of 2 million personal bankruptcies a year. Why are so many Americans experiencing the curse of such financial worries?

After a series of school shootings, frightened parents are asking, “What can we do to protect our children?” The violence-fixated cultural landscape of America is not going to change. That means families must protect themselves. Here is a place to start.

After the events of 1997 and 1998, the global economy isquivering in fear in a still-hazardous world. What are some of the primary dangers threatening mankind’s economic future?

American consumers have been fleeced for the holidays and face a slowing U.S. economy with rising unemployment. When the bills come due and new spending stops, will world trade pressures explode?

As we go to press for this last issue of 1998, Asian currencies have recently gained strength because of the decline in value of the U.S. dollar. However, the flawed fundamentals of those now-economically depressed nations still remain flawed.

America has long been the safest place on earth for foreign investors’ money. But what happens if they take their money elsewhere?

The sale of biological, chemical and nuclear weapons is spreading at an irreversible rate. The world is being swept toward Armageddon in a torrent of greed.

Now that President Suharto has resigned, everything is back to normal in Indonesia, right? Wrong. Massive forces of anarchy are at work, and the potential for global economic disaster still exists. As much as one-half of world trade is at risk and radical Islam may be stalking Indonesia!

The land of the rising sun is sinking in a sea of red ink! It seems Japan is unable to save itself, its Asian neighbors or the world from financial collapse. Has round two of the Asian financial meltdown arrived?

In Southeast Asia, currency devaluations and other austerity measures imposed by the International Monetary Fund are devastationg common workers while wealthy investors and bankers are being bailed out. Fair? No. Typical? Very!

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