Josué Michels

Abbas Accuses Israel of ‘Fifty Holocausts’

And Germany stays silent.

The rise of Big Pharma may be even more concerning than you think.

It’s needed today more than ever.

The problems with a leaderless Europe

The past is catching up.

Looking beyond the initial euphoria, America’s enemies appear stronger than ever.

It’s a perfect time to reform the EU.

The world’s geopolitical power balance is about to change.

‘Try what repentance can. What can it not?’

Germany and the United States coordinate their strategies.

Ongoing crises are increasing Europe’s readiness to accept Germany’s dictates.

While world leaders see no end to war, the Trumpet predicts peace.

Austria seeks cooperation with Jews outside the country.

A warning to the Western world

A multifaceted challenge confronts an age-old institution.

EU leaders appear ready to use the crisis for their own benefit.

America’s supposed ally is strengthening its worst enemies.

A warning against Russia and a call to resurrect the Holy Roman Empire

A decline in believing the Bible corresponds with rising immorality.

German companies and EU governments push to finalize a deal that would be detrimental to the U.S.

The reason may surprise you.

What will a Germany without restraint look like?

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