Josué Michels

Olaf Scholz: Germany’s New Chancellor—for Now

How will he change Germany?

Europe’s leaders seem to fall like dominoes. As crises hit, whom will Europe look to?

China’s Belt and Road is getting competition, but so is America.

The harmonious imagery seems too good to be true.

As Russia increases its pressure on the military alliance, Germany’s influence in nato is growing.

German arms manufactures make inroads into Brazil.

What else will Europeans be forced to do?

Will its Nazi past ever stop haunting modern Germany?

‘Above all, we need political will (without which nothing is possible) and operational efficiency (without which everything is pointless).’

Prosecutors are slow to make judgments; Germans are increasingly aggravated by what they see as a false tolerance toward deadly Islamism.

What is the solution to anti-Semitism?

Putin pressures Europe. How will it respond?

Jews in France feel threatened.

A new world of government control emerges.

Germans shift to the right as their governments shift to the left.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from the recent measures is how Europeans are treated like sheep.

Europe’s militarization needs to be closely watched.

A key prophecy reveals how Europe will get its strongman.

Events in France today show that more and more people are ready to engage in conflict to safeguard their Continent and their history.

Refusing the jab makes you an enemy of the state.

Are strong German-Israeli relations a sign of good things to come?

Are German soldiers tired of fighting on the sidelines?

The influence Germany has over U.S. media outlets should not be underestimated.

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