Why Is Germany Sending Aid to Gaza?

Relief supplies at Leipzig-Halle Airport on January 7
Sebastian Willnow/picture alliance via Getty Images

Why Is Germany Sending Aid to Gaza?

Germany and the European Union are dropping food to Gaza from the air and delivering aid by boat. In the first delivery on March 16, Germany parachuted four tons of humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip. The day before, almost 200 tons of food reached the Gaza Strip by ship from Cyprus. These actions are backed by Western and Arab partners.

The reason for the aid goes beyond simply helping “innocent Palestinian families.”

For months, Western leaders have pressured Israel to end its efforts to root out Hamas terrorists and to allow more humanitarian aid to reach Gaza. On March 3, Pope Francis called for an “immediate ceasefire in Gaza and throughout the region, so that hostages can be freed immediately and return to their anxiously awaiting loved ones, and the civilian population can have safe access to due and urgent humanitarian aid.”

The pope added: “I wonder: Do you really think you are going to build a better world this way? Do you really think you are going to achieve peace? Enough, please! Let us all say: Stop! Please stop!”

After speaking with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem on Sunday in a great display of solidarity, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz questioned the “terribly high costs” of Israel’s offensive. He criticized the high number of civilian casualties and insufficient aid reaching Gaza. All of this, he said, threatens lasting peace in the region.

Citing Israel’s supposed failure, Western leaders have begun initiatives to deliver aid to Gaza.

During his trip to the Middle East, Scholz also visited Jordan, from where the German Bundeswehr began flying humanitarian aid into Gaza on March 16.

Another initiative is being coordinated through Cyprus. During a visit to the island on March 8, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said:

We are here because Palestinians, and in particular those in Gaza, need all our help. The humanitarian situation in Gaza is dire, with innocent Palestinian families and children desperate for basic needs. Today, we are facing a humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza. We stand by the innocent civilians in Palestine. This is why Europe is financing a major humanitarian aid effort for Palestinians, in Gaza and in the region.

On March 10, Scholz posted on X: “The vast majority of Palestinians and Israelis want peace. One step toward this would be a ceasefire that lasts longer, preferably during Ramadan. A ceasefire that ensures that much more aid finally arrives in Gaza.”

But it is simply not true that the “vast majority of Palestinians” want peace with Israel. Nor is it true that more aid will bring that peace.

In her speech, von der Leyen outlined the supposed goal for the EU’s initiatives:

Finally, a word on the day after. We agree that we must start preparing today, with a viable perspective. And this perspective continues to lie in the two-state solution. This requires an immediate humanitarian pause that would lead to a sustainable ceasefire. It is clear that there can be no forced displacement of Palestinians. And no blockade of Gaza. But it is equally clear that Gaza cannot be a safe haven for terrorists. And that we will keep on calling for the immediate, unconditional release of all hostages held by Hamas. Europe will continue to help build momentum for this political horizon.

Germany and the EU are trying to win Israeli and Arab favor. They present themselves as a mediator for a two-state solution, but this “solution” has deep flaws.

A Palestinian poll conducted in the West Bank in December revealed that 3 out of 4 Palestinians supported the Hamas massacre on October 7. Bild commented:

Incidentally, the West Bank is the region that is considered “moderate” by the Germans—in contrast to Gaza. Well 75 percent of these “moderate” people support the brutal murder of 1,200 Jews and the abduction of hundreds of hostages.

It is remarkable that all the supporters of a Palestinian state—including our government—do not tell us what kind of state it would actually be. Because the truth is, a Palestinian state would be an Islamist terrorist dictatorship.

A huge proportion of the Palestinian civilian population supports the stone-age Islamists of Hamas. Terrorists are considered national heroes. Posters of suicide bombers adorn Palestinian streets and are praised as role models to children. While around 1 in 5 inhabitants of Israel is Arab, not a single Jew could live in a Palestinian state without fear of being kidnapped or murdered at any time. Palestine would be “free of Jews.”

Is this really a project that the federal government finds worthy of support?

It would be naive to believe Europe is oblivious to this reality. So why are Germany and the EU supporting these initiatives? In his article “As You Watch Gaza—Watch Germany,” Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry detailed why.

The EU has done far more than provide Gaza with humanitarian aid. It has sent warships to the Red Sea. Germany and the Netherlands have deployed troops in Cyprus ready to intervene in the conflict. And as Mr. Flurry warned, Germany is not acting altruistically: It is pursuing centuries-old goals. Other recent activities confirm this analysis.

Notice what von der Leyen said about the aid shipments: “Cyprus has always been a bridge between Europe and the Middle East. And thanks to the Amalthea initiative, it is proving this historical role once again today.”

Europe is reviving its “historical role” throughout the Middle East. For centuries it has sought control over the region, claiming its rule would bring peace.

In this endeavor, Europe has always been inspired by and allied with the Catholic Church. Mr. Flurry noted:

Why is Germany concerned about Cyprus? Why is the Vatican concerned? Why have both made statements in support of the Jews, yet taken actions that obviously weaken the Jews and strengthen the Muslims?

The Vatican and Germany are in the process of resurrecting the power of the Holy Roman Empire, and they want to rule Jerusalem! This has been a powerful religious desire of that institution for some 1,500 years.

Germany’s military, diplomatic and even humanitarian measures in this region must be understood in this historical context because history is prophesied to repeat itself. Read Mr. Flurry’s article to learn more.