Josué Michels

An unholy alliance is solidifying in Austria, reminiscent of its past.

The combination of religion, heritage and strong government is a recipe for success in Germany.

‘If the EU does not act, authoritarianism will spread in Europe.’

As prophecies hasten toward fulfillment, the ongoing pandemic could transform German politics.

It’s time for critics to be quiet.

Germany’s foreign missions are preparation for a far greater war to come.

Emmanuel Macron’s popularity is rising as he leads France into a new war.

The coronavirus crisis is a prelude of a far greater crisis about to hit Europe.

Bible prophecy gives us a glimpse of where today’s technologies are leading.

In the fight against the ‘invisible enemy,’ the unprecedented is tolerated.

Five million children in Syria need help; every 10 hours one dies.

Turkey needs Germany as much as Germany needs Turkey.

Italy’s fragile government may see its final blow and the rise of a prophesied strong leader.

Following Brexit, the EU’s center of gravity is shifting.

Over the period of five short years, Europe’s attitude toward refugees has drastically changed.

Compensating for slumps in the automotive markets, defense earnings are soaring.

A new record Germany shouldn’t be proud of

France’s Muslim population has always troubled the country.

How will Germany’s political turmoil end?

Seventy-five years after the bombing of Dresden is not too late to learn from history.

‘Right-wing extremists have become unpredictable.’

The man people say could replace Chancellor Merkel

German media opposition to Donald Trump is boiling over.

In light of the rise of Germany’s far right and far left, strong leadership is more needed now than ever.

President Trump has led Europe to rethink its military.

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