Josué Michels

Inside European cathedrals is the glorification of a heritage that should trigger nightmares.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz wants Europe to remember Charlemagne and the Holy Roman Empire.

New agreement with Bochum University points to more Catholic involvement in German politics.

Are we about to see job vacancies in one of Germany’s most important political parties?

The German chancellor faces a rising revolt within her own party.

Only few know the man that might soon head one of the world’s most powerful institutions.

A failed biological bomb attack by Sief Allah H. poses the question: What will happen if another migrant succeeds?

Without NATO or the United Nations, Germany is conducting its own military mission in Iraq—to oppose Iran.

Pushed by radical Islam, Germany is undergoing a dramatic revival of its nationalist past and culture.

History has shown that if an army wants to get ahead, it has to start young.

Denmark’s ban against the burka and niqab signals a dangerous trend in Europe.

Sanctions force the two autocrats to negotiate with Germany over Syria.

Austria’s 2018 presidency of the European Council is historic—and prophetic.

Germany prepares for a massive military increase.

Former defense minister says he has had enough of Germany’s ‘cheap excuses.’

Despite separation of church and state, Bavaria demands that every government building hang Christian crosses.

Rather than foreshadowing a failed European project, Orbán’s victory points to the rise of a stronger European power.

As their aggressive neighbor strengthens its military, how scared should East Europeans be?

Interior Minister Horst Seehofer: ‘Safety is a human right. A strong state does not tolerate a legal vacuum.’

Many are bewildered by Germany’s apparent surrender to Russia’s wishes. In fact, the two are dividing Europe between themselves.

For the first time since the Cold War, Germany’s Intelligence Service resurrects its counterespionage unit and moves into new headquarters.

Chancellor Merkel disagrees, but most Germans agree with Horst Seehofer: ‘Islam does not belong to Germany.’

Berlin takes command of another military headquarters.

Germany’s months without a stable government are about to end, but its problems are certain to continue.

Germany’s Bundeswehr has been charged with establishing and commanding a new nato military headquarters.

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