Pope Francis Advises German Chancellor

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz met Pope Francis for their first private face-to-face meeting on Saturday. The two discussed the conflict in the Middle East, Russia’s war in Ukraine and the response to migration. Scholz said it was an “important conversation at a time when it is crucial for us to look to the future with a clear view and have clear principles.”

During the warm conversations in the Secretariat of State, satisfaction was expressed over the good relations and fruitful cooperation between the [Vatican] and Germany, and the importance of the Christian faith in German society was emphasized.
—Vatican Press Office

Years of cooperation: Although Scholz is the first nondenominational German chancellor and his predecessor was Protestant, Germany maintains close relations with the Vatican. While many world leaders visit the Vatican, Germany has a long history of cooperation with the Catholic Church, dating back to the eighth century.

Cooperation prophesied: The Trumpet expects this long history to peak once more in the next few years. To learn more, read “The ‘Holy’ in the Holy Roman Empire.”