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By Richard Palmer, from October 22, 2016 in Featured »
A papal interview proves the Catholic Church is unrepentant of its past mistakes.
By Richard Palmer, from October 18, 2016 in Featured »
Germany’s most important bank and Italy’s entire banking system seem on the brink of total meltdown.
America is pulling out of North Africa and the Middle East. Another power is gearing up to fill the void.
By Richard Palmer, from July 29, 2016 in Featured »
Germany removes the last restraints on its use of the armed forces, while its defense minister declares that there will be ‘no taboos.’
By Richard Palmer, from October 13, 2016 in Analysis »
Many say the EU’s latest push for a combined military is doomed to fail. Are they right?
By Richard Palmer, from October 11, 2016 in Analysis »
The latest Nobel Peace Prize honors Colombia’s negotiations with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. But behind the scenes, another power is gaining great clout as a global peacemaker.
By Richard Palmer, from October 6, 2016 in Analysis »
The pope is making major progress in unity with the Anglican Communion, Eastern Orthodoxy and Lutherans.
Many believe this bastion of secularism will never again embrace religion. History shows otherwise.
By Richard Palmer, from September 30, 2016 in Analysis »
Deutsche Bank looks tailor-made to give Angela Merkel a headache.