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By Richard Palmer, from July 15, 2016 in Analysis »
France must move to a real war footing if it wants to stop these attacks.
By Richard Palmer, from July 13, 2016 in Analysis »
Germany’s most important bank and Italy’s entire banking system seem on the brink of total meltdown.
Britain is closer than ever to cutting ties with the European Union. What will Europe look like once the British are gone?
By Richard Palmer, from July 8, 2016 in Analysis »
In the wake of Brexit, leaders from the across the Continent are calling for the EU to overhaul its military.
From July 7, 2016 in Featured »
A neighbor of the U.S. dallies with America’s most dangerous enemies.
From July 5, 2016 in Featured »
Yet more proof that Britain and Europe are heading in opposite directions.
The UK’s decision to leave the European Union was prophesied in the Bible! What does this source of advance news say will follow?