Scotland Police: ‘Ye’ve Committed a Hate Crime’

Have you met the hate monster? It’s kind of a very angry Elmo created by the Scottish government to draw attention to its new hate crime law that is going into force right now.

A comment even in the privacy of your own home could land you in jail if it is deemed to be hateful against certain protected characteristics.

The government is encouraging anyone who might overhear a hate crime to report it. They’ve set up convenient and discreet third-party reporting centers located in a wide range of locations from a salmon wholesaler to a caravan park to a mushroom farm to a shop for certain adult accoutrements.

If you misgender someone or insist that marriage can only be between a man and a woman, the Scottish government wants to know about it. And you could be going to jail.

The law is vague. Will the government be arresting J.K. Rowling for what she said on Twitter? We’ll have to wait and see. With the police is telling the public, “If it feels wrong, report it, even if you’re not sure if it’s a hate crime,” they may well find themselves a little swamped.

This is just one of many laws going into force all around the world. Ireland, Germany, Canada, even several states in the United States are considering similar pieces of legislation.

Ordinary people all around the world could soon find themselves in trouble with the police because of what they’re saying, what they have said years and years ago, or even, in Canada’s case, for what they might say in the future.

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