Why Is Everyone Out to Get Elon Musk?

Jonathan Raa/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Why Is Everyone Out to Get Elon Musk?

The European Union is going after Elon Musk and X (formerly Twitter) for not censoring enough, EU Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton announced earlier this week. It’s the first investigation under the new Digital Services Act, which allows the EU to place enormous fines on businesses that violate EU rules on “disinformation.”

Joe Biden’s regulators are also going after Musk. Over a year ago, Mr. Biden said Musk was “worthy of being looked at.” Since then, he has been targeted by:

  • the Southern District of New York, over benefits he may have received from Tesla
  • the Justice Department on accusations that Tesla provided material for a “secret house”
  • the Justice Department, accusing SpaceX of discriminating against immigrants in hiring
  • the Federal Trade Commission on Musk’s takeover of Twitter
  • the National Labor Relations Board, complaining Tesla’s dress code violated regulations
  • the Securities and Exchange Commission, looking into Tesla’s claims on self-driving cars
  • the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, on accusations that a crashed SpaceX rocket killed blue land crabs
  • the city of San Francisco, on accusations that Twitter provided sleeping accommodations for its workers

“Does the Biden administration have it in for Elon Musk?” asked the Wall Street Journal in September. “We’ve sometimes tussled over policy with the Tesla and SpaceX ceo, but the volume of government investigations into his businesses makes us wonder if the Biden administration is targeting him for regulatory harassment.”

Last week, Federal Communications Commission (fcc) Commissioner Brendan Carr accused the fcc of joining in the witch hunt. The fcc canceled a $900 million contract with SpaceX to use Starlink to provide rural Internet. Carr accused the fcc of setting “an entirely new standard of review that no entity could ever pass and then applying that novel standard to only one entity: Starlink.”

“Over 642,000 rural homes and businesses would have gained high-speed Internet access for the first time ever under the deal. But the fcc just vaporized that commitment and replaced it with … nothing,” he wrote.

And as of Monday, the EU is joining in. It claims that Musk’s “blue checkmarks” for paid and verified accounts are deceptive, and that X has failed to live up to its duty to prevent the “dissemination of illegal content.” The maximum fine under the Digital Services Act is 6 percent of global revenue. For X, that could be $100 million to $200 million.

What does the EU consider to be disinformation? Last week, its European Digital Media Observatory published its review into “disinformation” spread during European elections this year. Examples of disinformation include:

  • reports of “LGBTQ+ indoctrination in schools”
  • criticism of electric vehicles
  • discussion about the “limited usefulness” and “inconvenience” of climate measures
  • descriptions of migrants as violent or a drain on taxpayers’ money
  • accusations that governments cared more about migrants than their own people

These are normal parts of the political debate. In most cases, they are opinions that can be backed with fact. It’s clear that, to the EU, “disinformation” just means opinions it disagrees with. And so it won’t be content until it can police all social media.

But Musk’s takeover of Twitter not only brought freer speech to one of the Internet’s largest social media sites, it also exposed how much Twitter had been working with governments around the world to censor those it disagreed with.

“The government operated Twitter as a deep state agency,” wrote Trumpet executive editor Stephen Flurry. “Not just for puff-piece journalism or smothering a few embarrassing secrets, but for controlling people and for stealing an election. The ugly truth has been and is being revealed about how the U.S. government, elites, public discourse and constitutional rights really work, especially under the sway of Barack Obama.”

This opposition to free speech speaks volumes about both the Biden administration and the EU. “The Bible foretold that, in our lifetimes, the truth would be cast down to the ground by an organized, evil influence,” Stephen Flurry wrote. “But it also promises that every secret will be brought into the open.”

Yesterday, former European Council President Donald Tusk shut down the news arm of Poland’s state broadcaster, tvp. It was one his first acts in his new role as Polish prime minister.

For years, Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry has pointed to prophecies in Daniel 8 about truth being cast to the ground as applying to the Obama administration and its successor in Joe Biden, as well as to the power rising in Europe. The news from this week shows the same mentality in both. Mr. Flurry wrote that this is “a core characteristic” of this spirit. To understand the agenda operating on both sides of the Atlantic, read his free book America Under Attack.