European Court of Human Rights Rules On Climate Case

The European Court of Human Rights has issued a bizarre, far-reaching and dangerous ruling: Your basic human rights mean that your government must fight climate change.

A group of older women brought a cast against Switzerland. They argued that climate change causes heat waves, and heat waves disproportionately affect older people and women; therefore, Switzerland has to do something about it.

The European Court of Human Rights is embedded into national and international law across much of Europe. Its rulings affect many countries and cannot be overruled by voters.

Heavy environmental taxes, destruction of farming and other economic sectors, and regulations that restrict your travel and way of life could soon be coming—and there’s nothing you can do at the ballot box to stop it.

The ruling is nonsense on so many levels. In the court’s mind, there’s no doubt that climate change is happening and that leftist climate regulation will prevent it. But if that’s true, consider far more elderly die from cold than heat. By the court’s own logic, governments should encourage climate change because that means warmer winters and less harm to endanger the elderly.

But this ruling is dangerous nonsense. If Europeans want to stop their economies from being destroyed by fanatical judges, they’ll find it very hard—we’ve learned that here in the United Kingdom. They’re already suffering the same fate on migration; no matter who you vote for, the international, unaccountable court has decided that illegal immigrants cannot be deported except in rare cases.

The people of Europe could spend years painstakingly removing this court from the foundation of their legal system and international treaties, but with problems so urgent—they won’t do that. It’s much easier to smash the system entirely. This will be another catalyst for a new Europe.

We’ve long forecast the rise of a strong Europe, unconstrained by the rule of law. By twisting the law into such absurd positions, the European Court of Human Rights is hastening exactly what it was designed to prevent: the return of a dictatorial power in Europe.