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Federal and local authorities are building a paramilitarized police force. Is this a good idea?
Germany’s economic policy is strengthening its place at the heart of Europe—and irritating the German people. This has happened before.
Many today ridicule prior generations’ concern over Communist infiltration. But current trends are bringing that concern back into focus. 
By Andrew Miiller, from January 7, 2015 in Top Stories 1 »
Pornography, anime cartoons, texting, video games and Facebook are pulling an entire generation away from traditional relationships.
By Andrew Miiller, from December 26, 2013 in News »
Because South Sudan is a strategically-located, oil-rich, predominantly-Christian country, both Germany and the Vatican have a deep interest in its political future!
By Andrew Miiller, from December 25, 2013 in News »
Pope Francis is adamantly opposed to free-market capitalism, and he denies being a Marxist. What does this make him? You need to know the answer!
By Andrew Miiller, from December 23, 2013 in Top Stories 1 »
To win at this stage, says American Communist Rick Nagin, we need to emulate the steadfastness shown by Nelson Mandela and the South African Communist Party.