Andrew Miiller

Many U.S. politicians believe the dollar is better than gold. Other nations are not as convinced.

Desertification can be reversed, but not by taxing meat, milk and cow flatulence.

Racist political rhetoric turns deadly.

Do carbon dioxide emissions threaten all life on Earth?

The battle to confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch wasn’t about Neil Gorsuch. It was about the philosophy of judicial restraint.

Transhumanists say we could engineer ourselves to live forever.

Paintings, statues and movies utterly fail to depict the appearance and character of Jesus Christ.

If you think the Paris climate accords are about carbon emissions and saving the planet, you have been duped.

The consequences of discarding a sacred moral code to govern the actions of individuals are far graver than most people realize.

Stockpiles of assault rifles and surface-to-air missiles could soon be in the hands of drug traffickers, Marxist revolutionaries and Islamic terrorists.

Sunni Muslims commit the majority of the world’s terrorist attacks, but the Shiite regime in Iran remains the world’s number-one state sponsor of terrorism.

A string of murders on Long Island exposes the growing threat of drug cartels and street gangs.

Marxism is alive and well in American universities, and spreading into other areas of society.

A proposed fix for economic problems: Driving farmers from their land if they are white.

No scientific evidence supports the idea that people are born transgender.

Americans’ changing financial fortunes actually have a lot to do with changes in marriage.

As Islamic violence against Christians intensifies, the Coptic Orthodox Church looks to the Vatican for support.

Most people in the United States and Britain enjoy religious freedom, but this is a historical aberration.

Many claim the Roman Catholic Church may split over the issues of divorce, remarriage and intercommunion.

Transhumanists say we could engineer ourselves to live forever.

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