Andrew Miiller

History is being deliberately misrepresented in a bid to convince Africans to band together against those of European descent.

Civil war in Ukraine may now involve opposing Eastern Orthodox Churches in open conflict.

The undocumented population of the United States is likely two to three times more than usually reported.

The last time political polarization was this extreme, a Civil War veteran was the president of the United States.

A historic first in America’s backyard

This Constitution Day, prominent commentators are condemning America’s founding charter as out-of-date.

Europe is being divvied up between Catholicism and Russian Orthodoxy.

One of the last times Germany and Russia colluded, the result was 7 million Ukrainians starving to death, German democracy collapsing, and the rise of Adolf Hitler.

The shocking story of China’s strategy to use America’s drug addiction as a weapon against itself

Irony: Unelected bureaucrats say they are defending ‘democracy’ by actively undermining the man the people elected to be president.

Why are members of Pope Francis’s own church calling on the man they refer to as the “holy father” to quit his job?

A spirit of lawlessness took root in 1987 that is leading the nation toward anarchy.

Geographically, the U.S. possesses many enormous advantages, but there is a weak spot.

A chronic lack of merchant vessels may leave the United States unable to supply and sustain a long-distance war.

The United States is making the same mistakes today that Russia made a century ago.

Mexican voters just elected a socialist strongman. This is bad news for the United States.

Holy Roman Empire nobility historically dominated Europe’s economy. Less has changed than you think.

President Donald Trump has a goal to make America a net energy exporter; China, Germany and Russia have other plans.

Hyperinflation is weakening Nicolás Maduro’s socialist regime and strengthening the Roman Catholic Church.

An examination of Communist strategy reveals that there is more to Chinese drug trafficking than meets the eye.

Overwhelmed by corruption, poverty and violence, Mexican voters have elected an anti-American strongman.

The former president obtained office by covering up his radical past, but he is now openly expressing some of his radical views.

A legal battle began in 1987 that put America on a dangerous path toward lawlessness.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination faces aggressive opposition, which is a serious indictment on American morality.

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