Andrew Miiller

The United States is making the same mistakes today that Russia made a century ago.

Mexican voters just elected a socialist strongman. This is bad news for the United States.

Holy Roman Empire nobility historically dominated Europe’s economy. Less has changed than you think.

President Donald Trump has a goal to make America a net energy exporter; China, Germany and Russia have other plans.

Hyperinflation is weakening Nicolás Maduro’s socialist regime and strengthening the Roman Catholic Church.

An examination of Communist strategy reveals that there is more to Chinese drug trafficking than meets the eye.

Overwhelmed by corruption, poverty and violence, Mexican voters have elected an anti-American strongman.

The former president obtained office by covering up his radical past, but he is now openly expressing some of his radical views.

A legal battle began in 1987 that put America on a dangerous path toward lawlessness.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination faces aggressive opposition, which is a serious indictment on American morality.

Many people are optimistic that López Obrador’s election is a sign that Mexico’s drug war is at an end.

How different would America be today if another justice had been nominated in his place?

A large body of research shows that illegal immigrants are displacing native-born blacks and Hispanics in the workforce.

A small number of zealous ‘social justice’ advocates are bullying the silent majority of Americans into submission.

Farmers face a choice between genocide or Zimbabwe-style land grabs.

The radical transformation in American culture illustrates how a vocal minority can overcome a silent majority.

During the Cold War, the United States government recruited hundreds of former Nazi agents to work as American spies and informants.

The fact that the U.S. imprisons a larger share of its population than any other nation masks the fact that it has a serious crime problem.

The Bible instructs us to flee fornication, but the Boy Scouts of America seems to be encouraging it.

New high-tech weapons are transforming China into a dominant naval force with great power over world trade.

During his bizarre shooting rampage, Jonathan Oddi denounced President Donald Trump.

How much power do unelected bureaucrats and intelligence agents wield inside the United States government?

The nation is heading toward violence if portions of the military, police or intelligence community are beholden to different politicians.

Terrorists and other criminals are laundering $43 billion a year in the Tri-Border Area.

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