Andrew Miiller

The destructive drug is enslaving many and enabling criminal organizations to infiltrate the country.

An Aztec death cult is the fastest-growing religion in the Americas.

Some, including the deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee, are stirring a college student revolt.

Collusion between U.S. gangs, Latin American cartels and Islamic terrorists is leading to the ultimate fulfillment of a sobering prophecy.

What’s behind the pope’s support for a two-state solution?

The fulfillment of a vital prophecy is a telling indicator of where the world is heading.

A trend that is reshaping the world order

When the nation degenerates, freedom diminishes.

The education crisis cannot be solved until teachers are trained to teach people how to live.

The United States government will soon be spending more on interest payments than on national defense.

A new research paper suggests scientists manipulated data to make it look like sea levels are rising faster than the raw data suggests.

A group that promoted Communist dictatorship in Germany is now rising to prominence in the United States.

Statement puts focus on Russia’s role in Bible prophecy.

Destructive agriculture practices are depleting soils, exposing land to erosion, and using up all the water.

If you are concerned about propaganda, disinformation and fake news, you can always rely on the one infallible source of knowledge.

In its quest for power across Eurasia, Moscow doesn’t mind giving some uranium to Iran.

Here is an undeniable reality: The only hope for human survival is a benevolent global authority strong enough to enforce world peace.

A dystopian vision recorded 2,700 years ago is swiftly becoming reality.

Pax Americana is coming to an end—and not because the Pentagon’s budget is too small.

American society equates victimhood with power, to the point where people are committing crimes against themselves.

The general who just arrested Robert Mugabe may have the approval of Africa’s newest imperial power.

The most damaging conspiracy today is the one against fatherhood.

The United States may be a military superpower, but foreign leaders know how to hit it where it hurts.

What does the Islamic State’s loss of territory in the Middle East mean for the rest of the world?

By doing ‘opposition research’ for both major U.S. political parties, Russia is not trying to help either.

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