Biden Bribes Voters With Student-Loan Payoff Scheme

Facing Jimmy Carter-like approval ratings as Election Day nears, Joe Biden is trying to buy public approval.

On April 8, he unveiled a new plan that could help 30 million potential voters erase their student debt. This plan comes less than a year after the Supreme Court blocked his last attempt to use taxpayer dollars to pay off student loans, and it may well be struck down by the Supreme Court as well. But if enacted, it will cost taxpayers $300 billion.

Bribery scheme: With 162 million taxpayers in America, each would have to pay an average of $1,850 so that 30 million students could have $10,000 of debt forgiven.

The only other way to pay this bill would be to print the money, which would take money away from taxpayers and nontaxpayers alike in the form of inflation.

This scheme is a good deal for those who still have student loan debt, but it is a horrible deal for those who have paid off their student loans or never took out student loans.

Biden is deliberately taking money from blue-collar workers and giving it to college graduates, who are mostly Democrats, in hopes of getting more liberals to vote for him.

Entitlement addiction: Ancient politicians bought citizens’ votes with food and entertainment. Even though this contributed to the fall of the Roman Republic, modern politicians use the same approach today.

Numerous Bible prophecies, such as Deuteronomy 28:44, foretell of debt problems in the end time. Biden’s proposed student loan forgiveness plan is just one example of entitlements that cause government debt.

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