Cuba Protesters Demand Food, Electricity

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Santiago, Cuba, on March 17, demanding food and power amid a worsening economic crisis that has left many everyday Cubans in dire straits. In widely circulated videos on social media, Cubans can be heard chanting, “We are hungry.”

Protests are rare on the tightly controlled, Communist-run island, so the fact that Cubans are willing to risk arrests shows just how bad conditions are. Inflation has risen sharply, making many products unaffordable since Cubans earn an average monthly salary of $16.

Marxist failure: Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio took to X on March 19 to comment on the situation:

The reason Cuba is on the verge of collapse is because Marxism always leads to hunger, poverty and shortages.

You can’t argue with this analysis. Last year Cuba imported over $300 million in food and commodities from the United States, but its Communist central planners still cannot create enough prosperity to feed everyone.

Catholic revival: Speaking to the Spanish-language ewtn News, Cuban priest Alberto Reyes said that in Cuba “communism will not survive,” yet “the church will remain.”

The Bible refers to the religious and political power of a church that will dominate both Europe and Latin America in the end time. This church will likely target Cuba as a strategic foothold in the Western Hemisphere.

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