China’s Military Ready to Boost Cooperation With Russia

The Chinese Defense Ministry said on March 30 that it is ready to foster stronger coordination with Russia’s military. According to Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Tan Kefei, China wants to build better communication and cooperate with Russia.

During a press conference, spokesman Tan said that after General Secretary Xi Jinping’s visit to Moscow last week, Russia’s and China’s militaries are “stepping into a new phase and making new progress.”

  • He said the two militaries plan to organize joint training exercises and regular maritime and air patrols.
  • This will go to “further deepen military mutual trust,” “implement the Global Security Initiative,” and “safeguard international fairness and justice.”
  • He concluded by saying that Russia and China’s cooperation is “serving the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.”

Prophesied partners: The Bible foretells of Russia and China’s military collaboration. Prophecy says that together these two nations are going to lead the way in forming an army of 200 million men (Revelation 9:16) that will fight in a third world war. To learn more about this prophecy and how it is being fulfilled in our time, read Russia and China in Prophecy.